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  1. thank you so much, ill just wait and hope for the best.
  2. Budget $300(would like to stay under as much as possible) Country: U.S.A esports, some AAA games (farcry 5 doom eternal ect) 1080p Other details; i have a i5 3470 16gb ram and a rx 560(2gb), ive been trying to plan out an upgrade but price on both the use market and the new market aren't great. so far i will proably upgrade my cpu to a i5 3570k, but for the gpu im kinda lost im looking at an rx 570 (4gb) or 1060 (3gb) because the prices don't seem horrible. plz help if you can
  3. thank you, also what the difference between the 570 and the 580
  4. hello, I have an i5 3470 and a rx 560 (2gb) and I want to upgrade it because it kind of struggles with some of the games I play at 1080p low settings. I know my cpu is old but I'm wondering what would be a good choice for an upgrade. my budget is about $300 and I have 450 wat power supply plz help if you can
  5. i have no idea all i know is that i installed it and only the hammer editor won't open so i haven't done any thing to the files or made any projects with it
  6. so i got the csgo sdk recently and everything works except for the hammer editor and i have no idea why and the custom launcher doesn't work either plz help if ya can
  7. ye basically i just want to minimized an app or have it minimize back into system tray, and then map the bat file to a marco from a software I'm using (clavier +, cause i don't know how to use autohotkey)
  8. hello, I've been trying to make a batch file that minimizes a certain window or close a window but doesn't kill the task so I can use it on an app like discord so that it doesn't completely quit out of it plz help if you can, also I don't know a lot about batch files so sorry for the stupid question in advance.
  9. it was an driver issue so to fix go to device manager go to sound and game controllers then find the internal mic and update the drivers
  10. hello recently i just got the hp envy x360(amd) and the mic dose not work it says that the internal mic is not plugged in how do i fix this
  11. i figured it out just had to backup my messages with icould and it worked
  12. but i was able to send text using imessage through just my apple id a
  13. hello, i have a macos Catalina vm on vmware and i got imessage to work but its not synced to my phone so none of the text from my phone don't show up in the vm and in vice versa plz help if ya can