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  1. These are what the artifacts look like in game
  2. Everything is kept as default clock speeds other than the fan speed %
  3. Okay so I did a run test of Dirty bomb the game that I have been playing often this week I hooked up a second monitor so I can look at after burner to see if once I started getting artifacts if the memory or the clock speeds would change but once I started getting artifacts the clocks speeds kept the same, yes I did intentionally do that to my fan speeds to keep the fans speed at 100% to keep the gpu cooler at all times. The dips in the core clock and memory clock for a short period of time is due to me tabbing out of the game to change music but I got artifacts the max temperature of the gpu
  4. Even my friend with a r9 270 from msi runs every game on ultra just fine even if its pushing 100% 24/7
  5. My friend has the same gpu as me and his works just fine?
  6. Hello last year I bought a XFX R9 280x Double D from Amazon, a couple days after building my newly built gaming pc an i5 4590, 8GB of Crucial ballistic ram, 750w Corsair power supply, ASRock Fatalty z97 killer mother board, 1TB Segate HDD I started to notice that in games I would start to get graphic artifacts textures stretching, pixels that would flicker etc games were unplayable once they started happening. Then after I would exit the game hoping the graphic artifacts would stop I would go and watch youtube videos, I would get lines in the youtube videos as well as just browsing the interne