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    Perth, Australia
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  • CPU
    Intel i7-7700K
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG STRIX Z270H
  • RAM
    Gskill ripjaws v 16GB DDR4 3000MHz
  • GPU
    Asus ROG STRIX GTX 1080 Ti OC Version
  • Case
    Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 Mid Tower
  • Storage
    256GB Samsung Evo 830 SSD // 1TB 7200rpm Western Digital
  • PSU
    Corsair RM750x
  • Display(s)
    27" 144Hz GSYNC 1440p Asus ROG SWIFT PG279Q [eventually]
  • Cooling
    Corsair H115i 280mm dual radiator AIO
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Red LED K70 Lux Cherry MX Brown
  • Mouse
    Logitech G600
  • Sound
    Logitech Z623
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. assuming same model [3rd party maker] eg asus strix for example. pick best price. if you overclock the 1070Ti and put in a bit of effort along with above adequate cooling u can get 1080-like performance while saving 60-90$. from the benchmarks i saw on average on youtube it looks like the 1070Ti is a better proposition. but then you have to ask yourself is paying an extra 60-90$ worth an extra 5-8 fps? that i can't answer but personally i would go 1070Ti. especially given your monitor has an upper limit of 75hz, if you did have a higher frame rate monitor then a 1080 would be the best thing yo
  2. You'd probably be fine even with a 1070/1070Ti lol if you really want because 1080p 75hz as you said is easily attainable with those two. Unless you really need that 1080/1080Ti spec in your comp that makes you feel good then in that case a 1080 would be best at the lower price but not tossing too much for negligible performance increase [at very high frame rates the CPU starts to bottleneck especially in 1080p gaming depending on what you have since there's a shit ton of frames to compute]. 1080Ti rather overkill for any 1080p resolutions, you're better off going 1440p if you need a 1080Ti.
  3. Strix 1080Ti Owner here. Fans only spin after 55*c on the default automatic setting. This is to keep it as quiet as possible. However I set it to a manual constant power load of 36% [lowest setting i do on GPU Tweak] and it's not loud at all.
  4. definitely nothing to do with gpu tweak is what i'm saying. uninstalling it won't make any difference. also cut the word jerk out it makes you look more of a lesser ;-)
  5. doing that now thanks P-cadence! will let you know how it goes
  6. Title as above, I've only noticed my games started taking a huge dip in frames at 1440p which seemed very strange given the 1080Ti should perform exceptional. 1) Tried reinstalling Nvidia Drivers + GeForce Experience, rebooted and still same issue. which i did just now Anyone had has this similar issue or know how to fix? It's kinda bugging me because even a super simple game like for example league of legends which is nothing... on my casual days is barely mustering above 60fps which is strange as i normally see absurd fps numbers [250-400] photo attached f
  7. 1050 is so weak i think better off looking at rx570-580 if u can. Dont spend little and then spend more again this should be a one off thing
  8. Yea it should power no problem. My 1080ti and 7700k [5GHz 1.35V] uses approx 575W power. don't think the rating should matter way too much. unless you're leaving your computer on 24/7 [eg miners]
  9. i would get it considering the jacked up and messed up state of the market now. it might not be the most perfect card [hint 1080ti] but you just need to compromise a few settings in and out. [also AA off since 4k is so detailed you don't need to smooth anything]. that should help
  10. at 31.5" i would be looking at 4k because the estate allows 4k. however i do not like 4k personally on 27", 1440p standard widescreen seems fine which is what i rock at the moment and is huge in front of me. ultrawide is another option but due to it's niche sector it isn't always the most cheapest for a bit more resolution left to right.
  11. i leave mine [PG279Q] at 165hz all day whether i'm gaming or just browsing the internet. no harm, been 10 months already since
  12. won't recommend vega 64 imo, expensive, overrated and hard to find not to mention the basic vega 64 cost 500$ more than i paid for my 1080ti which is a dump. 1080ti is best option out there period. From my experience, even witcher 3 which i consider quite intense in terms of graphics. at 1440p i'm stuck around 100-120fps unless i turn the preset down by 1 where i can hit the 144-165fps mark. this is with an overclocked 1080ti & 7700k. wouldn't recommend a 1070ti tbh, the prices are quite high at the moment.
  13. that's quite expensive for a 1060... i'd say try looking at eBay for some 20% off deals they pop in and out like on the daily if any. CX650W nah, don't get that. Get a TX or RMx, put a bit more quality ass power supply in your system. Also you could go for a 500W PSU with that, 650W is overkill. I'm using a 1080Ti // 7700k with a RM750x and some still tell me it's overkill but eh whatever floats my boat. otherwise most compoenents are good and i won't comment since it's your preference, i never built an ITX build before.
  14. noise in high end psus should not be an issue. This includes stuff like EVGA's G2/G3, Corsair's TX/RMx and better just as some examples. also i'd probably dump more money imo since this power supply is the heart of your system. ymmv, but i wouldn't "skimp" and get the best especially at that rating. ---- i'm using a RM750x with a 7700k overclocked to 5GHz @ 1.3V and a Strix OC 1080Ti. Probably "overkill" for my needs i could have saved a bit on the 650x but eh, too late now. opened and using it so I'm not going to regret but move fforwards. given