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  1. All HXis come with at least 2 cables so that’s not a major issue, you can also just run it in SR mode. Yes and no, you *should* hit general OPP at about the same time assuming a similar design (say RMx 2018 and Whisper M) which is not affected by OCP, on units that do have SR 12V OCP then yes you are correct.
  2. Let me give you a quick rundown of Multi-rail vs single rail, both have their advantages and disadvantages, though they tend to do more good than not nowadays. Single rail is fairly straight forward, there is a chip inside the PSUs that monitors how much power is being supplied at once over all rails, if a certain threshold is reached (on a 1000w it’ll be around 1250-1400w) then the PSU automatically shuts down. A few single rail PSUs have a dedicated pin for the 12V which is a little more strict than the general overpower protection, but it’s uncommon. Multi-rail, desp
  3. I really have no horse in this race, but I would like to point a couple things out. Intel’s new DSG 1.4.2 requires 70% efficiency at 2% load, this is *very* difficult to do on mainline units so there will be a trend towards efficiency peaks at lower loads. For example, here’s the new Corsair RM850 (not RMx/I): https://cybenetics.com/d/cybenetics_din.pdf As you can see, the efficiency peaks at around 250w or so which is 30% of load. The old myth that 50% is maximum efficiency hasn’t been relevant for a while due to LLC topologies creating a much flatter efficiency curve
  4. Link? Both Corsairs site and Aris claim its a sleeve.
  5. CXm usually has a sleeve bearing. Some newer ones do have rifle bearings, but not all of them.
  6. I seem to remember seeing you complain about a certain Corsair unit's caps,. and that unit had plenty of other small issues...
  7. I know how it works, just thought it was of some amusement... And it does have some use in homelabs where you may not be able to power high end server UPSs or have backup generators. Regardless of it's practicality it's a neat concept
  8. That requires an external battery though, Delta has a unit with a 1m "lifespan" even without a separate battery, uses GaN MODFETs as well (Though it's not ATX form factor): https://www.transphormusa.com/en/news/delta_electronics_800w_server_power_supply/
  9. I disagree, I'd take 3 years of, say, EVGA or Corsair warranty over 5 years of ASUS warranty. It has never factored in before and IMO should not now, if 7 years was a minumum for T2 then TXm and Formula would be T3 which is a gross misrepresentation. Except that puts it with inferior PSUs just because of warranty, motherboards and GPUs have short warranties, why have issues with PSUs that have short warranties as well. Regardless, the Pure Power 11 is being refreshed soon with a switch to gold and 5 years warranty, so it'll be a moot point. CX uses a very different design util
  10. If you are going to have the Leadex in the top tier then the CWT GPU variants (RMx, Whisper M, DQ-m) should also be there. Same with HX(i), RMi and AXi (low wattage and 1600w)
  11. Google docs *do* work, but not when you list every damn model, it gets WAY too long far too quickly.
  12. 230V only spits not useable in NA anyways We've been over this Rn it's not great, but it's often a fairly decent deal. Just keep an eye on https://pcpartpicker.com/products/power-supply/#e=4&sort=price&page=1
  13. In theory the FSP Twins, but it will annoy you to hell with it's fans as they run insanely fast. On a more serious note, a PRIME/RM(x/i)/H(x/xi)or AXi would work just fine...
  14. HXi has digital power/fan monitoring, it also has a better quality fan, RMx has none of these things.
  15. As cool as @STRMfrmXMNis, this list is far from perfect, using arbitrary measurements for "tier" cutoffs and having minimal build quality checks. 550w should be fine, 650w is fine if you want "muh headroom" though in reality it's gonna be overkill.
  16. Strider Platinum/RMx/i would be your best bet.
  17. G1+ has issues with transient loads due to it's Active Clamp based topology -> it's not a great design, all the others mentioned use a superior LLC topology.
  18. Yes and no, on LLC units you are correct, on older double forward based units relative load may have a small, yes noticeable, effect on efficiency which in turn affects required cooling.
  19. Why take the CXm? Because Corsair are generally easier to work with if something goes wrong and the CX-m is a solid model that's quality is well known, The Raider uses DC-DC and is an ok platform, but relative to the CX-m it's an unknown PSU...
  20. I'd probably take the CXm over it, but it's not a bad PSU at all.
  21. Not really, it's a 250w card, just like every other x80Ti card ever, it;s still power limited to 300w.
  22. That issue is both overblown and IIRC not even true - EVGA fixed it for the G2... The G2 is certainly better than a CXm, they aren't even in the same league. .g2 has a better topology a better fan, better component quality...