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  1. Do you mean he linked an email to his website? I understand computers but I know nothing about this type of stuff
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking for some help here. Someone was able to obtain complete access to 5 students social media accounts at my school through this instagram account @zoe_dantonio. They changed the email/phone number of each snapchat account, but have threatened to release inappropriate photos of minors through this instagram account. I tried to see what email would come up when I tried to reset their password, and something I have never seen before appeared. Does anyone recognize this address, or know of an email service or website that ends in .pink?
  3. I like the ability to upgrade in the future, but i do also want to play at 144Hz. I think I'm gonna go with the coffee lake CPU and then in a few years just replace some pieces of it.
  4. Thanks to you both! Dont know which one to choose as of now
  5. id like to spend 1500 USD on a gaming rig including a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Id like to be able to use it as a light workstation, but primarily gaming. Id like it to have a case with a glass window, dont care about anything else really. Thanks for the help yall!
  6. Hey all, im building a gaming pc right now but i do not know what storage to choose. Here is the whole build (Havent decided on cooler yet) https://pcpartpicker.com/list/fGrT2R But what storage devices and setup would be the best for gaming? I hope to not spend any more than 200 American Dollars on it.
  7. I've got this system planned here. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/L72DvV But im wondering if i can get something much cheaper.
  8. you find yours on craigslist or something like that? ya, im gonna pass on this one.
  9. I found this for $450. AMD FX 6300 6-Core 3.5 ghzPatriot 2x4gb 1600Gigabyte 970A-UD3MSI GeForce GTX 760 2 GB1 TB Hard DriveEVGA 750W Power Supply Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO heat sinkCooler Master 690 CaseDVD/CD DriveWindows 10 Is it any decent at that price?
  10. alright, ill check that out. thank you. what speed should i get, is it worth spending money on anything higher than 2400?
  11. hey all, i have $650 USD to build a computer. I've mocked up this, https://pcpartpicker.com/list/prHTf8 but would you guys change anything about it? and i know that is a pretty expensive CPU for this budget build but would it be worth it to keep that and get an ssd later? And what is a good case for this price point? Thanks for all the help!
  12. should i risk buying that motherboard then, or look for a compatible one?
  13. Hey guys, im going to be building my first pc soon and im wondering if the Pentium G4560 is compatible with the GA-H110M-M.2 Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard. thanks for the help all!