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  1. It would also be helpful to know whether you are comfortable with overclocking and whether you want a water or air cooled system. air cooled systems are usually somewhat cheaper but can be rather loud depending on the cooler you are using. They are also less maintanence intensice. Water cooled system are generally extremely silent require more maintanace are more expensive and you are usually able to achieve highest possible overclocks.
  2. You could also try to reinstall the game. Maybe that would help. if you do not see an option to increase the resolution then the game does not support 4k. Are the latest nvidia drivers installed on your system.
  3. Can you increase the resolution to 4k. because that would shift the bulk of the processing work to your graphics card instead of the cpu.
  4. I'm presuming it's an online game, have you checked your ping time already?
  5. HV1991

    The WAN Show


    is the Wan Show nolonger available on Youtube??
  6. Just found something interesting even if you prefer 6c. I think at the money you are willing to pay this is wort a look.
  7. Oh yeah right forgot you are working with a notebook. In that case the 1500x might actually make a difference.
  8. Are you already using ryzen? All I meant was that you won't see significent performance gains when using ryzen 5 compared to intel I7-7700k for example at least from what I've heard.
  9. Provided you are confortable overclocking the cpu which not everyone is. Also Davinci Resolve is ill-equipped to utilize mire than 4c/8t. Adobe would be the better choice for that.
  10. I would take the Zotac gtx 1070 6GB GDDR5 are enough for the latest games. And ithe card is cheapest of the three as well.