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  1. ***Update*** This worked for my situation perfectly! https://serverfault.com/questions/892795/auto-reconnect-vpn-on-disconnection-due-to-any-reason-persistent-vpn
  2. Anyone have any way to get a VPN setup within Windows 10 to auto reconnect after the computer wakes from sleep. I was able to find a solution to getting it to connect automatically when it boots but need it to do the same when it wakes from sleep. This is to backup my NAS but I do not want it running all the time and collecting dust when it only backs up once a night and that usually takes less than an hour. I tried to select the network adapter to not Allow computer to turn off this device to save power settting Thanks
  3. Yeah, not going to lie alot of this is above my head. but I think imma try without the splitter. but its skipping frames basically. Like i had put in the original post i see them walking to the door and then all the sudden the door is closed like they had already entered. So its skipping over recording some. But ive noticed it also do this on my substream on my phone. So i think its something besides just the recording. Its got to be something network related.
  4. Greetings, I am looking for a little assistance. I currently I have 2 security cameras hooked up on blue iris. I am having some issues with recording. The recording is setup fine however I can not seem to get it to record properly. Whenever I view a recording it seems to stutter sometimes. Like the camera actually missed out on part of what went on. I can see someone walk up to the door and all of a sudden it hiccups and they have already entered the door and shut it in the video recording. I have both cameras over POE and in range. However, I am using a splitter instead of running 2 sepe
  5. No memory errors. Power supply has plenty of power for the whole 75 watts this thing pulls. Also i ran the CPU z for about a half hour and no issues now. One core is way cooler than the other. But all sit at about 50-60 C at 100% cpu usage. I believe this cpu came out of a board that fried now that i think of it and did some research. I have another of the same cpu in my brother pc. I may give that a try and see if the issue persists.
  6. Btw that sat all night because I didn't want to get up and go downstairs to reset it. I took the pic of the bsod this morning.
  7. I ran CPU stress test for about 15 min and it froze up and gave me this. Some things I've seen say a bios update may fix?! Any other ideas?
  8. This is when it froze. I'm thinking it was a cpu issue but figured I'd ask around on here before making assumptions.
  9. So do you think it's worth just upgrading to an eBay CPU? Or spend money and replace motherboard, CPU, ram?
  10. Hello, I am using AOMEI backerupper to backup files offsite through a vpn. It take files from my NAS and backs them up to it. Not here to discuss if thats the best option but thats how I am doing it. I am wondering if anyone has had issues with it. I have an issue with it freezing up during backups. Windows completely freezes and I have to physically go and restart the computer. Any ideas as to what is bottle necking this? G3258 Pentium CPU 8GB Ram Some Asrock Z97 Motherboard I believe CPU usage seems to be high at times. I am thinking about finding a 4 co
  11. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any information on how to access my files on my windows 10 pc when connected to a vpn. I have a local NAS that I use at home. When connected to the vpn I can access the NAS web GUI but I can not see anything on the network so I can access these files..Any ideas?? I can access the files on my phone with a file explorer application when connected via the same VPN. Thanks.
  12. NVM I got it figured out. Not sure how to delete this... Thanks
  13. I am using 1 to 3% of CPU so I think I am good there. Utilization overall is low. I did connect my laptop directly to that network and still had the same problem. I reinstalled and now it seems to be working...Knock on wood.
  14. I am trying to setup some security cameras around our house. They are all wired POE IP Cameras. I have a separate network pork on my PfSense box that is set as All the cameras are routed through that to a poe switch. I want it all to be able to be accessed by my main network... So far that is working out. However, the connection cuts in and out every few seconds. I can ping the device on the 60 network from my main network with no problems. Any idea why it would be dropping out? I have the same rules set for my guest network. I can see devices on it but it can not see de