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    My name is John, my friends call me Johnny. I'm married and have a little girl!
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  1. Wow sounds great! I'll need to look for some intern positions and see what my area has. I live in Ohio. Don't want to move really all my family lives here. Thanks for telling me your story. It motivated me.
  2. I live in Ohio,US and starting pay in this field is 14 bucks and lives are on the line but that doesn't stop them from working you 12 hours day day in a very stressful demanding job. I backed out due to health problems and never being home to watch my kid grow up.
  3. Haha thanks man! It makes me feel bettering knowing I'm not alone. My wife and I are working our tails off to pay off our debt. Figured while we do this I'll study and get my desired certs. Once we are debt free I'll move into the IT field once I know I can take a pay cut and make it work until I get the experience needed for a higher paying job.
  4. I'll look into those. My church is building a new building and my pastor asked me to set up the network and wanted me to be over the entire system. I figured that would be a good step in the right direction. My problem is I'm making 17 bucks an hour doing maintenance work for rental properties. I hate my job but I do it because I have a wife and a 3 year old and another on the way. I'm 24 years old and regret going to collage for aviation maintenance. Lol I'm up a creek without a paddle and want to get into something I would enjoy doing every day but I'm afraid of the pay cut starting out. L
  5. So when you say contracts, what's that and how do they normally work? How would I find them? Also what do you do now in the IT field as of work?
  6. So I'm wanting to get a job doing what I love. I am working on my network cert, but I wanted to ask you what you think. Do you work in the IT field and if so do you enjoy It? Is it demanding, working a lot of overtime? How much do you get paid and how long have you been doing it? What was it like getting your foot in the door and what background did you have before you started? What type of Certifications do you hold? Comptia A+, cisco? I'm wondering if I should get my foot in the door or should I stay away? Let me know! Thank you!
  7. Ty for all the info. I changed my post around because you answered most of the questions. Hope to see ya around the forum!
  8. I didn't take it hateful or anything. How do I delete my post anyways. Can't figure it out. Lol
  9. Ty for the info. I've been watching slot of videos from Mike Myers and linus. I've learned alot. I will try and be more specific in future post. Sorry. I may delete this one.
  10. My name is Jon and I have always loved gaming. I am a huge console gamer and want to get into PC gaming. I took my comptia class in school but never took the test to get my cert. I understand how computers work and I've worked on them a little but I want to learn it all. I want to learn all I can and I want to get into the IT field. I'm a noob if I'm being honest. I'm about to build my first gaming pc but before i do I want to understand why one part is better than another. Basically I want your opinion, where is the best place for me to start learning. I don't want to pay for classes and I h