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  1. Razor mice are the way to go imo, especially for rgb stuff
  2. @AskTJ Ive been playing around with bots a bit and its working really well, I’m just wondering weather it’s possible to create a channel which can be viewed by a “member” role such as “vip land” but appear locked, and when you have the “vip” role this channel disappears and a whole category opens up for you full of “vip only” channels i know how to do the second part just not the visible but unopenabe channel bit
  3. allow categorys to be (say a lock emoji in the channels name when locked) possible?
  4. hey, I'm kinda (I've been using for a while but probably wrong) new to discord and i'm in the mists of setting up a community server where basically certain channels will be: shown to people and accessed, shown but not accessed and invisible. i would also like to make mini "jails" where when i grant people certain permissions it will allow them to create and alter their own little category eg. John's palace. in truth i want to be able to do a lot more and intend to extend this thread a lot more in the future but for now id really appreciate getting some help to do these things.
  5. @jde3 @Electronics Wizardy is freenas still teh way to go? Or is there some new, no brainer os?
  6. Idrc about how many U just wondering, space isnt really an issue
  7. I know it depends on expandibility but how many U do you think the server/s would take up if i had say, 20 drives?
  8. So the actual sever hardware is separate from the drives? Different chassis?
  9. A lot of different things actually, family photos, system snapshots/backups, school and work files, videos ect.. vms perhaps a media server like plex, idk whats new and also a couple gaming servers thats why i was thinking of 2 systems,
  10. So it would be better just to run everything from one server with different shares?
  11. Wouldn’t it be better/ faster to have a temp nas to dump everything on to then transfer everything to the main nas say every day, instead of waiting ages for hdds to transfer everything? thanks for all the links, is diy not worth it anymore for servers?
  12. Also is ECC memory worth the price? $1500 aud MAX for the server/nas side without drives