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  1. Unfortunate I have just started a new job and the guy who imaged this laptop was a complete amateur and cant find the recovery key.
  2. Hi Guys, I have recently updated my Lenovo laptop and now Bitlocker is not accepting my PIN. It worked when I first logged on this morning, but I restarted due to some updates and now it wont let me in. Any idea what could of happened? and how can I fix this? Any advice would be great, thanks guys
  3. Could I use this with my iPhone?
  4. Hi Everyone, I hope you’re well. I need to get a headset with mic which ideally I can use with both my laptop and iPhone (I make a lot of calls via my mobile). Can you recommend anything?
  5. Hi Guys, I am wanting to create a script which will automatically set up a VPN for external users. Im wondering if anyone has any ideas, as im a total novice with this kind of stuff. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Guys, Ive had a few users, over the past few days, mention to me that their bitlocker pin is no longer working, even though it had not been changed. After successfully logging into one of the laptops, using the recovery pin, I discovered the laptop was part way through Windows updates. Only users with HP branded laptops have reported the issue to me, and unfortunately not all bitlocker recovery keys were not recorded, prior to me starting with the company. I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar issues, and if anyone knows of a work around for those with
  7. Hi guys, I have £200 for new CPU, DDR4 RAM and Motherboard. I was thinking a ryzen 3 1200 but want your guys opinion. Thanks, T.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I was thinking it could be a temp issue. Is there any software that you could recommend to check this?
  9. Hi Guys, My friend is currently having issues with his current computer setup. Hes currently using an AMD A10 Quad core chip, but when he is trying to run a game of PUBG his CPU is maxing out, and his PC is crashing. He also currently has a 1050ti 4GB GPU and 8GB 1600 DDR3 RAM, which should be good enough to run PUBG. Any recommendations on a replacement CPU that wont require him to upgrade his RAM to DDR4 as he is running on a budget?
  10. Thats good. I hated the rocket jumping and wall running of past games.
  11. Yeah the future warfare setting is one of the things putting me off. I loved WWII last year because the setting felt a lot more authentic. It felt like COD was back, but this is just a vast change in style.
  12. With the upcoming release of the iPhone XR, I was wondering if it was worth upgrading from the iPhone 8. Id end up paying extra for the phone per month, so are the new upgraded specs really worth the price change?
  13. With the recent release of Black Ops 4, I was wondering if it was worth getting. Ive watched game plays of the battle royal mode and it looks like a polished PUBG, but is that enough to warrant getting it?