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  1. My task bar randomly changed from (Its still like this on my 2-second monitors) to . I cant figure out how to change it back to the first image. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I've had my Corsair HS70 for awhile and they have worked perfectly, but after I did a windows update I could not figure out how to fix my mic. While I was annoyed I hit my right headphone and now its quieter than my left by a lot.. I fixed the mic problem but now my balance is off and I have tried everything to fix it. Is it possible I physically messed up the headphones? I dont think I hit it that hard, or has the windows update messed something else up?
  3. I just received corsair HS70 wireless headphones and upon using them they were great. Once I attached the mic and talked in discord I realized that the mic rarely picks up audio unless it is right on top of my mouth and still it struggles. I can find a perfect spot but if i bump the mic it goes all wack again. Is this a defective mic? or is this what i get for using a mic on wireless headphones?
  4. Im looking for wireless gaming headphones with a mic for 130$ or cheaper. Right now I have turtle beach px22 from 2013.. as you can tell im not up to date.. can someone give me a few options. I want sound quality and battery life, also durable for those loosing streaks. Thank you for helping!
  5. I have the corsair 100R mid tower and wanted to upgrade to an AIO but I cant find anywhere specifications for an AIO. I was wondering if I can fit a 240mm AIO on the top and how thick it can be? If anyone can find out what I can use that would be greatly apperciated and if you want to go the extra mile which AIO should I use? I looking to spend 90ish$ on 240mm AIO (If that fits) With white fans. (To match my black and white theme)
  6. I've unplugged it and and plugged it in multiple times now and wiggled it, could it just be a bad cable in general? Its 12 feet I think.
  7. 1) its set at 60 hz 2) Idk what to check, i think everything looks right 3) no just my second monitor
  8. Just did they are not, I just bought them too.
  9. I have a really old square 1024 x 768 monitor and I just switched cables from it being VGA (monitor) to DVI D to VGA (monitor) to HDMI and i had always used 1280 x 1024, because i hated how everything was blown up in native resolution but when I plugged it in all whites became very hazy. Anyway I can fix this?
  10. Yeah I dont know, I think there is a big gap in between people who want to spend a lot of money and enjoy building computers and the people to slap together something just to play games
  11. Yeah, I dont know that i have a large sum of money to spend straight up. I think ill stick with 1080p until the 1440p is normal in a few years
  12. Didnt even realize that thanks Ok thanks! So would it be worth it to get the i7-7700 or upgrade to a new generation? Or is that even possible for about 200ish$
  13. Hey im looking to upgrade my CPU from my i3-7100 (My PC: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/8H6LWX). I would like this to be the last time i have to touch my CPU for awhile, looking to spend 200$ish. I would like to keep my motherboard (Which dose NOT support overclocking) so i was looking at the i5-8400, would this be a good choice or should I go with something else? Thanks for reading