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  1. So I have an update to this forthcoming as to my solution. Pretty neat if I say so myself but not quite done. 3d printed some cool enclosures and found a source for WiFi ip came on the cheap.
  2. If you are going to wire it in, why not use a real PC of some kind with an actual CPU. Like even an old laptop with a broken display, those are super cheap on eBay. The benefits of a SBC are marginal and niche when you commit it to a wired connection. May as well use a full x86 CPU that can do work. Or in my case I'd just make a Docker for it, and use old cheap broken screen phones for the cams, 3d print a case/mount. Benefit is built in everything you could need including backup battery. Bet you could get better quality setup for several cams under $50 total.
  3. In my experience with bananapi and orangepi, the wireless sucks. It looses connection often, is inconsistent in its setup and speeds are atrocious.
  4. Behavior in case of power failure/cut power cable? How long have your been run continuously without fault? How does the overclock affect the long-term reliability of the system? Does it fail gracefully and recover in events like a kernel panic/power failure/network error? Inquiring minds..
  5. I'll add more details as I settle in with the hardware, but aside from a couple hiccups almost everything is working and ready for more drives. So far I've only added a few but it's working, I'm just optimizing and getting used to unRaids web GUI. It's really good and the dockers list is massive and basically two clicks to install something. I tested handbrake and plex so far, works a treat. The 15k SAS 146GB drives for cache may or may not work out in the end, I may go with a couple SSD. I can already saturate them, and while I initially thought 146GB would be enough it's just a l
  6. I managed to snag a NetApp DS4234 for $122 with all the trays and 2 psu 2 controller with 24 imposers for sata. All in all I think a good buy. Was pretty close by as well so shipping is 1 day for cheap. Got an H200e I'm eyeballing for cheap as well.
  7. Thanks, I'll look it up. Right now I'm deep in researching what kind of SAS card to get. I don't want to do raid because I'm not buying 24 hard drives at once. The way I understand it is that if I did raid I would have to basically, or adding drives would be a pain. unRaid looked attractive in the way you just add drives and go, increasing capacity or redundancy as you wish. I can't find any info relating to Proxmox as to if I can accomplish something like that. Basically, I have a few large drives right now, I don't want to raid them and buy more drives later and re-do a raid or m
  8. Thanks for the help guys. I definitely can't wait until I get paid and can get started, this has been long overdue. I think since my needs are pretty small in functionality, but big on data, I'll give unRaid a try first. If I find that easy, do you guys have any advice for how I could go about using Proxmox to do a lot of the same things unRaid does? Mostly just the easy setup and maintenance of the apps like sonarr/plex/etc, and the simple management of storage. I'd like to be able to add in drives slowly without a lot of fuss, I don't need bulletproof redundancy or anything like
  9. Oh, hm, so would I then be limiting myself of the whole DAS to 6Gb/s? I mean that's plenty for my use, just curious if that's how that works. It looks like the Dell MD1000 uses a different type of SAS cable connector, I can't seem to find info on but I'll keep digging if that's the one I go with. Thanks again for all your help, I'll update this thread as I go along. Definitely excited to learn as I go.
  10. True, but I'm not exactly going to cry over a corrupted episode of some TV show or a movie. It's just a pain, and it doesn't make a lot of sense to me to backup media unless it's of my own creation. Which I do backup to amazon. Thank you very much for the links, I think this is a good start and looks plenty expandable. If a bit on the pricey side, I did take a quick look and seem some much cheaper PowerVault stuff if you have any words of advice on what I should be looking for specifically. As for the PCI card, any reason for that one in particular? What about this o
  11. Exactly, that stuff keeps me up at night. I should bite the bullet and buy something off eBay at the very least. I'm just not sure how to size it really. "Electronics Wizardy" says for a R710 with dual X5675 I should go with something in the 500VA ballpark, so I'm doing some hunting. If I'm going with a SAS enclosure with the possibility of expanding to a sizable amount of drives I would think I need to increase that a bit to be future safe though. Those suckers look to start getting pretty darn expensive quick when you go to higher output. Honestly, I'm not so knowledgeable about the ratings
  12. The main thing that draws me to unRaid is how friendly it appears to be to use and setup. The Docker stuff really looks up my alley to run basically all I need minus the couple windows only things, and from the looks of it also updates them more easily. VM's is sort of a plus, not a main thing. There would likely just be one windows VM and just for running a few of the windows stuff I need so nothing heavy. Mostly just the fact it seems to be marketed toward consumers, not IT experts, and hopefully it is easy to use for a novice like me. Though I am uncertain if it would be able to run a windo
  13. Hi new to the forums, but a long time channel follower. So I'm finally getting around to making a proper server setup at home, by that I mean not using some re-purposed machine that just barely gets by with the task. Now I'm not going to jump into it all at once, I want to test the waters, and I want to do it on the cheap. So that means I'm going incremental with it, but with the end result hopefully being a solid solution that isn't janky af. So, I do have tons of parts ordered from eBay(holy smokes the used server market is cheap). Before I get on with the goodies I s