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  1. D'ont forget i notice in the Post (canadien curency). its a way more high as USD currency ^-^ that's why you found it for 100$ lower
  2. SSD will for sure. be a great choice. i don't know how many games he will installe on his Computer. so i choose a HDD 2T
  3. I need a case too and a cooling for the Processor. and i know the memory Speed on the motherbaord is 2400hz. but the 3200 on ram was away more cheap as the other one who was lower Mhz. so i'm not will using more than 2400Mhz on the ram that's i will fix in the bios
  4. One of my friends want a great build. not too expensive but hight performance. and i need help about the price. this is the part. I struggeling a littlebit with the motherboard because he is too much expensive. the reason why i chose that one is specialy because i know asrock (bios) by heart I have already Build mine that's cost me 3000$ If you have sugestion to give to me go a head (PS Canadien$ Currency) His budget is 700$ And i still need a Cooling and a case o-o
  5. My GPU usage alway hit 7-15% and mu CPU usage up to 90% ! i7 7700k GTX 1080ti I try so hard to play on Half life alyx and my game keep crashing alway. and i think this probleme is caused by the CPU Someone have a idea how to fix this ? (this probleme happens also on other game)
  6. Yeah i got hight Stutering and massif FPS drop . and no i can tell you the 15% are related to the 1080Ti because i can watch both at the same time and the 1060 run at 0% because i dont use it at all . only for streaming There a tiny exemple of my current Usage
  7. I never try to remove my 1060 Yet but can be a idea i get the 15% on my Aorus Graphic card control . he show me 15% in GPU usage when i play on a game . show me the same thing on Task manager and Msi afterburner
  8. All of my game run a 15% GPU usage. and not more than that. i try so many thing to try to fix my Issue. Few Exemple down here. 1-Disable HPET 2- Set powersaving to Perfomance in every place possible like Nvidia Control panel 3- Set GPU 1080ti ass my main GPU even if he chose it automatically 4- Trying to overclocking GPU or other part like (CPU-RAM) 5- Update my driver to the most recent version And much more ! I need tips or help. i saw someone getting the same issue and he fix it by Full Reboot is PC. but i dont want chose this option because i have so much stuff to keep an
  9. Main GPU 1080TI Secondary GPU 1060 6GB (For encoding) I have 4 monitor <<Main Monitor>> 240Hz One 180hz Pne Drawing Tablet Monitor One 4K TV Did i should plug my my main monitor in my 1080TI with all other plug in the same ? Or Plug my main monitor in the 1080TI and plug the 3 other in my Nvidia GTX1060 ? That will save performance or still the same ?
  10. i have made a post of my new-rig like 1 years ago . and i have buy more stuff this year :3 (the pc still the same performance)[This is a Picture when i got my own made computer the first week :3][SPEC]GPU: GTX 1060 Founder Edition 6GBCPU: i7 7700KÀCPU COOLER: Corsair h110 V2RAM: Corsair 2x8(16) DDR4 3200 RED LEDÀHDD: 1TB WDMOBA: Asrock z270 Fatal1ty K6PW: Corsair 860W PlatiniumCase: NZXT red and black h440[OTHER STUFF] Microphone: Blue Yeti Microphone BlackoutKeyboard: Razer DeathstalkerMOUSE: Extreme Gaming MMo 550 mouseHeadPhone: Bayerdynamic DT770pro 250OHMMonitor: AOC 144hz G-Sync g2460p
  11. i have made a post of my new-rig like 1 years ago . and i have buy more stuff this year :3 (the pc still the same performance) [This is a Picture when i got my own made computer the first week :3] [SPEC] GPU: GTX 1060 Founder Edition 6GB CPU: i7 7700KÀ CPU COOLER: Corsair h110 V2 RAM: Corsair 2x8(16) DDR4 3200 RED LEDÀ HDD: 1TB WD MOBA: Asrock z270 Fatal1ty K6 PW: Corsair 860W Platinium Case: NZXT red and black h440 [OTHER STUFF] Microphone: Blue Yeti Microphone Blackout Keyboard: Razer Deathstalker MOUSE: Extreme Gaming MMo 550 mouse HeadPhone: Bayerdynamic DT770pro 250OHM Monitor: AO
  12. Someone can tell me what is that wire ? I Got it with my monitor
  13. I want buy a 240hz monitor and i play on CS:GO Lol and other game like this (Not realy huge game) GTX 1060/i7 7700k Cs:GO Average FPS 283.88 (Between 280 and can up to 500 FPS League of legend : AVERAGE FPS 243.32 just want what you think about that and no i dont want talk about (144hz or otherthing like that) i just want your opinion on this
  14. my own PC have a 1060 Gtx and he is prety good !! BUT !!! the only thing i hate on it !!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SLIIIIII !