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  1. As said in OP, the 4650G is HKD1799 / USD239, i.e. €198. Also the 4650G and 4750G is widely available in every computer hardware retail store in Hong Kong, with non-box warranty as well, not like they could only be found in eBay or used markets. There said, its very typical of OEM parts to be distributed in retail stores in Hong Kong, like 3500X, Samsung SM961 (OEM version of 960 pro), PM981, etc.
  2. There said, the APU is now on par or even better than a much more massive GT1030, so it's impressive enough to make Intel look even more bad.
  3. Also Intel: Get the 10700F, it's cheaper, just no graphics. Being said, at the same price why would anyone want the 10700 anyways, or even 10700K. They are just not worth it.
  4. Although AMD has only launched its Zen 2 APUs in the OEM market, their RYZEN PRO series of APUs (R5 4650G and R7 4750G) is now available for purchase in Hong Kong as tray CPUs (R5: HK$1799 / US$232 ; R7: HK$2680 / US$345). Hong Kong tech forum HKEPC has purchased the R7 4750G for testing against its non-APU and Intel equivalents, R7 3700X and i7 10700 respectively. Some notable CPU performance figures Some notable GPU gaming performance figures Source commentary Personal commentary From the CPU benchmark results, the 4750G