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  1. Hello Ltt, I need some help. I have a pc which is about 2 years old now and I have planned a series of upgrades this year. My specs are as follows : OS:Windows 10 64 bit CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 ( no oc) GPU: XFX R9 270X ,I had a Sapphire Rx 570 nitro that died a few months ago and had to use my older GPU for the time being. Mobo: Gigabyte AB 350 Gaming 3 Ram: 8gb x 1KingstonHyperx2400mhz(hx424c15fb2/8) PSU: Corsair vs650 1tb WD hdd and a A DATA 240gb ssd is installed. I was thinking of bumping up my ram to 16 gigs from 8 gb but Amazon is asking too much for another stick .
  2. Hello Linus Tech Tips, So I have a problem. A few days ago I turned on my pc and started watching youtube videos and my pc just started to black screen randomly.It would make a usb connection and disconnection sound as it black screened and the display came back. I googled the issue and most of the information I came across were mainly concerned with broken and loose HDMI cables. I tried the cable on my PS3 slim and everything was normal. So that wasn't the issue. I reseated everything and no solution. I tried to use the mobo box as a test bench the issues s
  3. Hey A silver i managed to fix it backed up all data and used the boot drive for back up and backup driver for boot works fine now. Turns out it was a bootmgr issue.Thanks anyway
  4. Update :i think it is a mobo issue my mobo still saves the date and time along with other settings when i remove the cmos battery and the psu cable the mobo resets only via the jumper and then continues to save date and time with no cmos battery. What is this??? Never ran into a problem like this before????
  5. Hey guys, Made a new build a month ago installed windows 7 and had no issues whatsoever, the build is a ryzen 1600 build with 8gb hyper x 2400 mhz ram and a gigabyte ab 350 gaming motherboard with a rx 570 running on 3 hdds.The issue arose when i tried to upgrade to windows 10 . I tried to upgrade directly from windows 7 and ran into booting issues.Then i tried a clean install but was unable to do so because windows 10 always gives the same error " could not set the offline locale information. Error code 0x80ff0000." I dont know what the problem is i have scoured every
  6. My old build is an fx 8350 with an asus m5a 97 le r2.0 with 4GB DDR 3 1866mhz * 2 of ram. I Checked my mobo's QVL that was supplied with the manual and the one online ,they're the same . When I checked for my RAM's part number in the qvl i could not find it and i have been using my PC for about 2 and 1/2 years now and no I have not seen any crash issues or stability issues with that RAM. Now I am sure that we all know that QVL's are not accurate and contains the part number of only those DIMM's that the vendor themselves have tested on their boards, but this does not indicate that the other
  7. Thanks Dexterrlab 97,Vortical Box,Space Ghost C2, Verrm,FrankV,Froody 129 and Killer 5247 I ordered my Parts on the 25th of June and hopefully they will ship today from Chennai.I ordered a Ryzen 1600 and i will be looking to overclock it to 3.6 or 3.7 ghz for cooling i ordered the coolermaster masterliquid 240( non pro version ) i think it should be able to keep the 65 w tdp cpu below 55 celcius.For the mobo i ordered the gigabyte gaming 3 b 350 motherboard , i am also replacing my coolermaster k 380:( cabinet with a deepcool frostwin v2.0 air cooler that could not handle the fx 8350 at
  8. Thanks for the help guys I think i'm gonna save up and buy a ryzen 1600 .
  9. BTW will the 970 motherboard handle the extra bridgeless gpu. I just dont want any < 60 fps or stutterring
  10. Hey Guys, I am planning new upgrades to my pc , my specs are as follows CPU :AMD FX 8350 at stock frequency(4.0 ghz) GPU : AMD RX 570x Sapphire nitro 4gb oc Motherboard : asus m5a 97 le r2.0 ram : 1866mhz kingston hyper x fury 4gb * 2 PSU : 850w antec hcg I care about whichever price is lower should i get a ryzen build with a 1500x with 8 gb ram with the same gpu or another RX 570 from the same manufacturer ijust want to play GTA 5 at 1080p with every setting completely maxed out at constant 60+fps.