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  1. I'm pretty surprised that something like this is being given away. I'm not complaining though.
  2. This seems mildly interesting. I'll hang around. As for my ethnicity, refer to my sig.
  3. Do you go to university? When I'm building something like that, I generally get a friend from architecture to help.
  4. I want to suggest a good 7200 RPM external HDD, but I don't know any. What I can suggest is the WD My Passport Ultra, which is 5400 RPM, but by all reviews very quick. It's also small and thin, which should be good for an ultrabook. It is also under 300, so you save money as well! As for you, grow up and get off the thread. Posters like you are why I haven't posted in a while.
  5. CS Major on a pre-medical track at a top 20 university. Don't feel comfortable revealing the exact one though.
  6. Well, that's the problem with a lot of high schools in America. We lack vocational pathways in our public school system. Most high schools are, well, rightfully teaching students what they need to know to get to university, get a degree, and earn a great wage. Unfortunately, some students lack the necessary interest/drive to go to university, but have no alternative vocational pathway to take. So yeah, while your grievances are legitimate, just know that "shoving college down your throat" is just as legitimate.
  7. They are just being polite. In Asian cultures, it is much more polite to avoid causing others trouble by staying out of their way, rather than going out on your way to help them/make conversation.
  8. Severely misinformed. A crash course in the political and social climate: The political party currently in control in Taiwan and the communist party of China both currently maintain a "One China" policy, except with one key difference: each claim to be the legitimate government of the other. Taiwan is a multi-party democracy, and China is a communist nation. Taiwan has been completely self governed and self autonomous since its conception as a country. China just wants the island because we've got a ton of industry and are now a first world country, while China still has clay huts a co
  9. I assumed you were speaking of the topmost positions of government, as in America, the highest any naturalized citizen (non Caucasian) has ever gotten has been as the Secretary of Labor, held by Elaine Chao. And again, the rareness of these cases is shown, as even in America, the only immigrant country, only two non caucasian, naturalized citizens have ever gotten even remotely close to the line of presidential secession. You can see how it would extremely rare for naturalized citizens to hold office in Japan, a country of a primary ethnic group. As for the people who work for Sony, I'm ta
  10. I'm a first-gen Taiwanese immigrant, and I'll go ahead and clear up a lot of things in this thread. This is complete and utter bullshit. The Japanese education system is almost exactly the same as the Taiwanese education system, mostly because of Japanese rule of Taiwan (then called Formosa) pre World War II. Currently, the Taiwanese system is a little more hardcore, but the Japanese system is not that far behind. In both education systems, you will go to school, you will do well, and then after that you will attend afternoon cram school (that are sometimes hilariously illegal due to
  11. During my first year of physics (sophomore), we would have to calculate the magnitude of the force (given the coefficient of kinetic friction and static friction) to pull a block up a ramp . So while we wouldn't do that exactly, we would go through the same steps, just actually solving the problem. I don't see how that would be too much work to be tested on, that style of question was pretty much one of the easiest open ended response questions we got.
  12. This is quite possibly one of the most childish things I've ever read on this forum- and believe me, I've read a lot. Block them, forget them, if they come after you, file a restraining order. Let the law be on your side, not theirs, and honestly, this won't escalate at all.
  13. I learned implicit differentiation in my junior year of high school. I learned basic kinematics in my sophomore year and advanced kinematics in my junior year. Granted, I pretty much took the highest level courses and skipped a ton of courses to get to them as well, but my high school was very crappy and underfunded. Perhaps these subjects were taught at your school, and you just didn't take them/didn't have the prerequisites? Or maybe its just a Canadian thing. Edit: On second read-thru, this sounds very condescending in tone. I'm actually legit curious, so no offense!