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    d3sl91 got a reaction from ivan134 in Why is EVERYONE Buying This Sound Bar??   
    Bought that model (or similar) for my parents, because while they like "good sound", they don't want to spend the money or effort for an actual system. 
    1. It works great, looks nice when mounted to the wall under their TV. 
    2. It has a subwoofer output, so, we just plugged in the powered sub from their old "HT In a box" system, and instantly got an even better sound. A trip to a local thrift store can score you an adequate sub for $20 or less. 
    Just stay away from pretty much anything other than Vizio unless you are spending $200 or more. It seems that most other brands in the < $200 range suck compared to Vizio (Bought a $150 Sony bar, and then a $125 panasonic before returning both and getting this vizio for $75).
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    d3sl91 got a reaction from George_Bud in How do I price my work ?   
    In my area, and at a shop I used to work at: 

    Diagnostics: $60 (not charged if you do the recommended repairs). 
    Virus Removal and Tune: $150
    Tune: $80
    System Setup: $50
    Al la carte:
    OS Installs: $120
    Hardware Installations: $40/ea
    Software Installations: $40/ea
    Data backups or transfers to new drives: $70 per 100GB, cap at $250
    There were other services, that I am forgetting exactly how we billed them - such as weird non-routine repairs. Likely we just did the hourly rate for the labor. Such as, tearing down a laptop to replace bad power jacks, screens, keyboards. Alot of those intensive repairs were billed at an estimated hourly rate. $80 minimum for the labor, + $40/hr after that. 

    But really, you need to base your prices off of how much you need to make in order to at least break even. A shop has much higher operating costs vs someone in their garage fixing computers, for example. 
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    d3sl91 reacted to johnny5c in Android Based Car Head Units   
    Don't have much experience with actually using one but I installed a Pumpkin head unit running 8.0 for a friend who's a storm chaser and I was pretty impressed with it. 
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    d3sl91 reacted to MrDrWho13 in Need help about DC-DC Power Supply   
    Why do you want a DC-DC Supply?
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    d3sl91 reacted to bob345 in Is there a HAM radio that can pickup ANY frequency at all?.?   
    If all you want to do is listen a simple rtl-sdr dongle will do. You can pick up everything from 40mhz to 1.7 ghz with the common cheap ones out there. Just mae sure you get the proper antennas for the frequencies you want.
    This is my preferred sdr, kit is alright, but you will want to choose you own antennas and filtering to get the most out of it
    Definitely illegal to interfere with broadcasts or decode encrypted broadcasts, but  if you are just listening, at least in the US, it is completely legal.
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    d3sl91 got a reaction from LaFemmeEnVert in Sony HDR-AS15 Waterproof Case Fog   
    Thank you,
    Doing some research on those inserts, and what they solve is exactly the issue I'm having. So, I will be trying out the different methods people have come up with since I don't have access to those inserts here. 
    If I wasn't using it while riding a motorcycle on backroads and trails I would just go caseless - just too much dust and dirt everywhere. 
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    d3sl91 reacted to Tam3n in Rate the Photo Above you   
    Good focus on the subject with dof and lighting. It's nice to see the products he's been making at the front. I feel like the picture could be a bit lighter and cropped tighter. But then again doing that might ruin your composition.
    I spend last week at Koli (a kind of Finland skiing resort). Enjoyed -25 ... -15 C weather and sun shine the whole week. Here's one pic I took:

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    d3sl91 got a reaction from historicalpoultry in Rate the Photo Above you   
    Overall exposure is okay, but I'm confused by the picture. 
    I can tell you are experimenting with leading lines, possibly rule of thirds. If the mustang was the object, keep it in one of the thirds, and remove the railings from the composure here, which are distracting in this case. 

    D750 + 50 1.8
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    d3sl91 reacted to 1823alex in Beginner dslr   
    I second Tony & Chelsea for sure, they've got a great channel. 
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    d3sl91 reacted to Keith W in Beginner dslr   
    Here are a couple of good channels on YouTube you can learn from.
    Matt Granger
    Tony & Chelsea Northrup
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    d3sl91 got a reaction from NoRomanBatmansAllowed in Big-ass WiFi Antenna?   
    If its 2.4 GHz, you could use a Ubiquity Nanostation Loco M2, or Loco M5 if its 5GHz. These are directional units that can behave as access points or clients. When in client/station mode - it connects wirelessly and bridges that to the ethernet connection which you can then plug directly into your computer - or - into another router's WAN port. 
    I am doing that right now with decent success, when without it I do not even see the network I'm connecting to:

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    d3sl91 reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Not very smart smart watch   
    Recent Fitbit models can easily get up to 5 days.
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    d3sl91 got a reaction from Nocturn3 in To all the people who said 2GB VRAM for 1080p was enough   
    Everyone out there playing with 2GB cards say otherwise. Turn down some shadows and advanced features, and you have a beautiful looking game under 2GB. 
    To max out any game that has the ability to use more than 2GB, would have needed a more powerful card anyway - most of which have 3GB+
    Good choice on the card though. Have fun playing the game
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    d3sl91 got a reaction from Bananasplit_00 in G502 malfunctioning - Logitech support not replying   
    I caved and ended up with another G502. It was on sale for $50 and I had a $20 gift card to Best Buy. So, for $30...

    I tried all the other mice on display, Razer, Corsair, Steelseries. And unfortunately none had the feel of the 502 (Specifically the thumb rest - I've come to love having a thumb rest because my grip has my thumb on the mousepad dragging otherwise). The MX Master is great, but, a bit big and heavy for me - not to mention $70 more than what I paid for the 502. 

    Bestbuy has a great return policy, I have flat out told them in the past with other peripherals "I used this for a few days and didn't like it" and they take it back no problems. If logitech support ever gets back to me and I get a free mouse, I'll either return this one or give the free one to a relative.

    I also did the 2 year replacement plan with them for $5. At least now, if it breaks, I can forget about Logitech support and return to best buy (I have had good luck with their plan in the past). 

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    d3sl91 got a reaction from LienusLateTips in A UPS?   
    Most UPS are not designed to be used "through a power outage". Most consumer units are designed to give you enough time to gracefully shut down your system (so, maybe 10 minutes). 
    Otherwise, your best bet will be something from APC or Cyberpower. I'd reccomend at least 1000VA, preferrably their largest consumer ones, which are (I think) 1500va. https://www.amazon.com/APC-Back-UPS-Battery-Protector-BR1500G/dp/B003Y24DEU

    This will give you ~20 minutes, maybe, to shut down your systems. Once your systems are shut down, it could probably run your networking for a couple hours as well. 
    The other thing to think about, is auto shutdown. Each of these can control one system via USB cable, to tell the system to shut down. 

    So, you may need to get two.
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    d3sl91 reacted to dizmo in Can AMD RIP the Core i9? - Ryzen Threadripper   
    As cringe as that picture is, you could at least have been ripping off an Intel shirt
    I've gotta say though, for what it is that sleeving kit for the AIO's is a rip off.
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    d3sl91 got a reaction from Ithanul in zombie apocalypse internet and cell phones   
    Awe, look at @Ithanul Spreading the ham radio love!
    Just posted this the other day on another topic, but, there are already Ham-Radio mesh networks already in existence, using modified Ubiquity (and other) equipment. Complete with servers and whatnot for weather, messaging, etc. Because we have frequency allocations in the GHz, we can utilize the commercially available gear for our needs.
    Yeah, internet as we know it will cease to exist, until new backbones can be set up (I mean, there already are backups of backups... but still...). But it would be a long time until that's made available to civilians. 

    But in addition, you also already have in existence GPS tracking systems that rely on nothing more than two radios with GPS. This is called APRS. With it you can see the location, direction, speed, etc of "nearby" operators. You also have messaging possible between operators using the same system. Nearby is very subject to terrain and existence of a digipeater. 
    Because we do currently have internet, the internet is used to collect the information and put it on a pretty map: https://aprs.fi/#!lat=45.00590&lng=-93.43050
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    d3sl91 reacted to Ithanul in zombie apocalypse internet and cell phones   
    I am really digging into the study book.  Can't wait to get my license once I am back State side.
    One good thing, the knowledge from ham radio and my computer hobby is turning out to be super helpful while deployed as the comm person.  RF is not my main career field, but most of the time we don't have a RF peep on hand.  Pretty much my goal is to be cross train across both Transport (routers, switches, satellites) and RF (radio, GPS) field to go along with my main career field (admin, servers, client systems).
    Ham radio is neat by how far I read up on it.  Still a lot to learn though.
  19. Funny
    d3sl91 reacted to BuckGup in Microsoft wants to improve internet in rural areas: High Speed Internet Over TV White Signal.   
    Your telling me I can get 25Mb/s from technology that was never intended to be used as internet that is double the age of internet and it would be more cost effective? Century Link honestly go obliterate your brains out you stupid apes. Not only do I get >1Mb/s but I don't even get cellphone service! WAIT did you know I live where the super computer was invented. I'm glad century link is the only ISP that I can choose from and makes 17.9 Billions dollars a year. THANKS MS for once
  20. Informative
    d3sl91 got a reaction from Ithanul in Microsoft wants to improve internet in rural areas: High Speed Internet Over TV White Signal.   
    Keep it up. As you can tell, the technology and understanding you can gain from the Ham Radio hobby is immense and helpful.
    We actually use modified commercial 2.4GHz routers Linksys, Ubiquity, etc. Ham Radio has spectrum that overlaps with channels 1-6, which means we can use MUCH more power and larger antennas if desired to make these 2.4GHz links. Same story for 900MHz, 3.4GHz and 5.7GHz as well. 
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    d3sl91 reacted to LinusTech in Floatplane Club as a Plex channel   
    We want to make this happen. It's still unclear how it'll work especially with respect to music licensing.
    It's possible we will have to eliminate the "download MP4" feature and force people to stream outright.. but if we can find a way to keep it, PLEX integration is something I personally really want to see.
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    d3sl91 reacted to Dutch-stoner in How to use computer speakers with LED Tv???   
    @d3sl91 I partly agree with your cable suggestion. It would allow topic starter to plug in a single cable. But if he however would use the splitter method, he would be better of with a male connector since those stereo headphone jacks usually come with a crappy cable. (on the inside, it's good enough)
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    d3sl91 reacted to NoRomanBatmansAllowed in Ram doesn't fit   
    I think you've got an older generation of RAM.
    What does it say on the label of the RAM? (DDR1/2/3/4?)
  24. Agree
    d3sl91 reacted to Hexorian in Ram doesn't fit   
    It doesn't say but I think it must be ddr3 the old system was a bit old dammit now I have to order ram and wait like 5 days.
  25. Informative
    d3sl91 reacted to Oshino Shinobu in Ram doesn't fit   
    The RAM is likely not DDR4