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  1. Looking at @SavageNeo's spec on his sig, seems he's running an AMD card; they tend to use more vram than nvidia cards under the same graphics settings - this is down to how memory is managed. I don't have data to corroborate this but Tech Deals made a video a few months back comparing cards for 1440p where he briefly touched on the subject. On a side note, are 5600XT/5700 a good deal right now or better to wait until the end of the year?
  2. I appreciate the help, but I assure you this adaptor plate is, unforutnantly, required. https://www.msi.com/Monitor/Optix-G27C2/Specification
  3. I'm not having issues finding a stand, it's the adaptor plate I'm having issues with. and I have found 2 of them, but I can't find a seller that will ship them to Europe
  4. So I'm looking for a way to mount this monitor, however the only VESA adaptor plates that I found (AG242M5 from MSI and one from HumanCentric) I couldn't find a seller for neither of them ship who would ship them to Europe. Has anyone based in EU had tried and was lucky to get this shipped? I contacted MSI support in the country I'm curently in and they weren't of much help. HumanCentric slapped me with a templated answer. Longshot: maybe someone here has a contact in MSI or HumanCentric that could allow me to get past the templated replies?
  5. That was a very quick reply! Sauron sees all? Running the output through a regex sounds like the best option here. I don't know much about it but I'm sure old uncle G will help. Thank you
  6. Hello guys, Full disclaimer, I have close to zero knowledge on anything in this topic. I have an issue properly scripting a HTTP GET request. the API only allows for the 50 records at a time; to get results from the 51st record, we need to use a pagination variable "n", so n=51 I have a need to get about 2000 records, so roughly 40 queries, where the last one will be something like n=1951. A bash script can be created to increment the variable n until a limit and append the results of the query. However, this will mean that each start of a new page will begin with <?xm
  7. isn't actually the 5700 non-XT the best bang for the buck? if you can find somethin with decent cooling, you can OC it to match more closely the XT models. Also, if the used market is viable, a 1070ti maybe? it would be well cheaper, leaving you some leftover cash for a 6600 or higher (maybe a K model if your mobo can do anything with it)
  8. Honestly I wasn't expecting the update to the network drivers to have worked, but the fact remains no lags since Friday. Thanks guys!
  9. precisely this, some animations are still going, but nothing is really happening, until suddenly everything happens. to be clear, and what rose the issue was that these lags don't happen only when system A is the only one on, the the question was raised when both systems were on at the same time playing the same game (in the same instance of that game even) and only system A is experiencing lags
  10. I need help solving this riddle. 2 systems A and B, same mother model, same cpu model, both with 16 gb of ram both running the same application (a game) both connected to the same router both via Ethernet both on the same OS version and build system A has lags which may freeze the game for about a second these are not uncommon, system B has fluid game play and seldom lags. On both, the in-game ping count shows the same ping (~47ms) Enough bandwidth for gaming (about 90MBps down for both) Defective Ethernet port on the router? Switched it, same beh
  11. Hi everyone, I begun noting some strange colour pixelation, especially around darker colours in my display. I'm ruling out any issue with my pc, as I've tried with a laptop using a different port. The display in question is the Optix G27C2. I've attached a couple of files where this is visible on the latest LTT video. One of them is a screenshot (wasn't sure if this one would be visible) the other is a picture I took with my camera. I'm also ruling out video compression issue as I've noticed this in some game menus. This is not noticble at all in bright colours. This is n
  12. good enough? https://www.newegg.com/global/pl-en/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820236345&amp;ignorebbr=1&amp;nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&amp;cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-PCPartPicker, LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&amp;cm_sp=&amp;AID=10446076&amp;PID=3938566&amp;SID=
  13. Primary drive is an SSD, I was planning upgrading this soon since my SDD is also running out of space. Memory at 2133mhz
  14. thank you for the replies I was more leaning towards this option of OC'ing and an additional ram stick, so I'm quite glad to see this feedback here also. @Taf the Ghost I'm indeed using an HDD drive for these games as they are each 70+GB; perhaps an update here is also necessary?
  15. Howdy y'all, I've been running into some performances issues on my computer lately, on more demanding/recent titles (mainly Destiny 2 and Black Ops 4). I've decided to run msi afterbuner meanwhile playing few games to know where my performance bottleneck was coming from. I don't have screenshots of these but here's a little description: CPU (i5 6600k) is running at 100% utilization throughout pretty much the entire game (the cooler is doing work as the CPU is always turbo boosting to 3.9Ghz and temps never go above 63C) GPU (MSI 1060 6gb) is running at ab