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  1. Looking at the prices they quoted for what they were going to buy, it looks like they were planning on buying a number of Vega56 cards. In their situation, they are buying cards based on compute power for rendering and performing calculations. RkRiley is probably right, they should be buying the Radeon Pro stuff, or quadro. However, they have probably deemed that the extra expense for workstation class hardware just isn't worth it. Being funded as a University project, they can't just blow money on the pro stuff when the consumer hardware will do the job.
  2. If you can swing it, Sennheiser is tough to beat. I looked for a while for something. I ended up going a different way. I Got a set of Jaybird X3's in OD green. I am fairly happy with them. The bluetooth works really well. They are durable. They have fantastic battery life. And the sound profile is adjustable in the app so you can tune them to your liking. They are not a pair of Sennheiser HD 598's, but for most I think the sound is pretty good. I actually used a published sound profile graph of a pair of Sennheiser headphones to set the sound profile of my Jaybirds. If you look hard e
  3. If you are mostly happy with your device currently, I would install LineageOS on it. That way you'll get the security updates. Currently LineageOS (Cyanogen) for the G4 is on Nougat. https://download.lineageos.org/h815 -this is the link to the current download for the G4 international version. There is a different ROM for the T-mobile version if that is what you have.
  4. Real easy solution, don't watch his videos. Want to punish him for being a complete ass? Don't watch him being one.
  5. Patch to cover Intel's chip flaws could slow down older computers by as much as 30%. . https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-03/amd-soars-after-rival-intel-said-to-reveal-processor-flaw
  6. The Seasonics are good power supplies and their warranty doesn't suck. They do actually stand behind their products. I have a 1200 watt Seasonic that had an issue and they gave me no problems replacing it.
  7. D15 or D15s. I am just not enamored by any of the water cooling systems out there. I have installed a few corsair AIO's in the past. They are okay. If it is a system you need to depend on, just get the air cooler. Then there are no questions. Those Noctua's can handle massive amounts of heat and for the most part run dead silent. I am currently using C14S with an additional NF-A14 added to it. Super reliable fans and really good heat sinks. Sure, there are instances where an AIO is needed because of limited space. But if you have the room for it, I would get the Noctua. P.S.
  8. I would get a NH-D15s and then get the Chromax fan to go with it. It can handle the wattage and will clear your RAM. I know Linus has preached the gospel of Noctua for years. After I finally tried one, I won't buy anything else. They really are that good.
  9. I would just get one of these. Dual bay hard drive dock with cloning function. I bought one and have used it. You do have to have a hard drive as big or bigger than the one that you are cloning. But it is pretty sweet being able to clone a drive without having to deal with software. Just put the drives in the slots and push the button. I haven't run into an issue with a cloned drive.
  10. We also don't know if they are relevant at all. Most mining programs are set up to recognize cuda or Radeon CU's. We'll just have to wait and see.
  11. "Plus, it features Volta-optimized NVIDIA CUDA" ( 5120 Cuda Cores.)
  12. Which is why I stated...you should not go out and buy one. And that this is just giving us an idea of what we have to look forward to when volta based GTX cards hit the market. And, power savings makes more difference to some than you might think. Where I live power costs just over .20 cents USD per kWh. Which is close to 3 or 4 times what most places in the US pay. I pay about $700/month to cover the power used by my mine.
  13. The cores should be pretty much the same. That is the way Nvidia has always done it. Just cut down with fewer of them, and they will probably have GDDR6 over the HBM2. The main concern for miners is the power draw. But the bump in hashing power is nice to see as well as compared to Pascal based full sized Nvidia chips. That being said, the full size chips aren't the most efficient cards at mining. The current 1060 6G will mine more Mh/s per cuda cores than what was just reported for the Titan-V. But this gives us a look at the power efficiency more than anything. And by my calculation mi
  14. This is not saying people should go out and buy Titan-V's. But it does give us a good look at what we can expect from the normal GPU line when we get Volta based cards next year.