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  1. Ok,looks like im staying with the current ram Thanks for the replies
  2. I have upgraded my build recently,its a budget gaming PC with i3 10100f and RX580. I kept the RAM which is 16Gb on 2133mhz. My question is-Should i sell the current RAM and buy 16GB 2666mhz? Will it improve my gaming experience? (Fps) and is it even worth it. Ot would cost me around 50$
  3. Acaa99

    CPU cooler size

    Cool,so it will be fine
  4. Acaa99

    CPU cooler size

  5. Acaa99

    CPU cooler size

    Case CPU cooler height limitation: 155mm , and the GAMMAXX GT is 156mm tall... So will i be able to close the side pannel,will that 1mm cause the trouble?
  6. Should i get RX580 4GB or GTX1060 3GB (Prices are same in my country-100USD) for gaming? I'm not planning to overclock it,since processor will be a bottleneck i think. My processor is I3-7100,8GB ram
  7. Hello. I decided to go for a GTX 1050 ti,and now Im wondering should i get a G4560 and 120GB SSD or i3 7100 without SSD... I want to play mostly GTA5 and CSGO @1080p
  8. I can't decide which of these two combos are better for gaming,so i'm asking for your suggestions 1: i3 7100 + Asus GTX1060 3GB 2: Ryzen 5 1400 + GTX1050ti Prices of 1 and 2 are the same in my country.