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  1. Not really lurking. Got busy with work and I stayed away for a while after due to the forum breach. Now that my work involves using my computer I cant really do any high OCs as I cant afford to replace hardware right now.
  2. I have a Kingpin pot and Fluke 52 II with K probe you can buy. It'll work with both Intel and AMD Sockets.
  3. For those further curious. Most of the problems that Linus speak of, the Warthog does not have.
  4. @LinusTech With the cost of that setup no one is going to buy a 200 dollar HOTAS. You need to do a DCS and Thrustmaster Warthog video.
  5. They may not have gotten it all out or damaged the board during cleaning. The board needs to have a full inspection
  6. I got a 6300 Prime95 stable at 4.5Ghz without too much of a problem but you will need to play around with it to see what your CPU will require and what the temps look like.
  7. Been a while since I logged in but that is CPU Vcore. If you look at CPU NB voltage it is at 1.1875V(second picture) he needs to increase it to 1.25V as I stated.
  8. With 214 FSB you are running your 1600mhz ram at 1712 with the stock voltage. Increase ram voltage and bump CPU/NB voltage to 1.25V
  9. Trident Xs look very good and even have removable heatsinks so you can reduce height for large coolers. All while still being much cheaper then Dom. Plats. I dont think G. Skill will release DDR4 Tridents for a while because Tridents are often the best ram you can get and DDR4 isnt mature enough yet for the higher speeds and lower CL.
  10. Does the 990FX Killer even have LLC? I thought it didn't and it would make it useless and not worth mentioning.
  11. I want games and programs to be able to use high power CPUs properly. What game devs could do if they utilized all of the horsepower available would be phenomenal.
  12. Just increase the voltage slightly and see if your render times drop. If they do then you have the answer. It may stress the CPU differently then the stress testing you have done.