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  1. Been wondering if the xc3 hybrids will fit the ftw cards knowing they are essentially the same pcb
  2. Yea at this point I’m thinking that the gpu is technically dead but if that’s the case it’s still gonna be my HTPC gpu
  3. Yea I would also add that I’ve tried this on multiple pc before this thread same results
  4. I have already done that multiple times
  5. So I’m using fur mark and it seems that the temps are around the 50-65 mark so I believe that’s good
  6. So about a couple of months ago, I dropped my pc on ground (it wasn’t that big of a drop at all) but my RTX 2080 has a Rajintek Morpheus air cooler. Ever since from that day, when I load into Warzone the GPU blacks screen after sometime. It works perfectly fine on desktop but seems to have problem when it has a load. I’m confused cause I don’t know if it’s overheating or simply because I broke it.
  7. Well my PC is fine, FX 8320 OC'd to 4.0 (44c under load) with a R9 380X. I'm debating if i should get a new case for aesthetics or get a new monitor for gaming but i usually only play Paragon (3rd Person MOBA) which is why i don't think a monitor is worth getting.
  8. My first time on this website asking for assistance so i don't know where to ask but I've been trying to debate on if i should get a Gaming Monitor with 1ms, 144hz, and freesync or should i get a new pc case, a new cooler, and maybe some new components. Real question is which would you choose if you were debating on this? Which one is more worth the long run?