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  1. The box is new. But it looks like asus made a shitty motherboard
  2. I tried another psu cable. It didn't work. I am sorry for swearing, ill delete it but i am so mad right now. I just got it from rma
  3. Hi guys i bought a b450-f two months ago then it had ram problems i rma it and today i received my new b450-f. I run it on box it worked perfectly. Then i bulid my pc then the cpu 8 pin connector is not giving any power for some reason. Ffs why??. I tried b450 arous elite it workes fine.. I f***ing hate asus
  4. Debugs led are not turning on at all but the pc runs and fans spin I have 3600, b450f, r9 390x. 16 3200 ram. Seasonic 850 gold x-series
  5. Hello guys i have b450 asus strix. I have run the motherboard on the box it worked normally. But when i bulid the pc its not detecting the rams cpu, not giving signal. The fans are spinning. Mobo leds are on. Gpu is on. But the its not checking gpu, rams and cpu. But the mobo is on. Its not giving any signal. I removed the rams and changed the cpu power cable. *keyboard and mouse are not working either. The leds are not turning on
  6. oh , my bad . so i take the better looking mobo ? or the x570 ?
  7. so x570 and b550 not gonna support the new ryzen cpus ?
  8. They are both 320 usd in my country. 99% if its gonna support ryzen 4 i am buying one. And probably upgrading to one of these new cards from nividia or the up coming Amd cards. You can say i am limited to these. But for now i have ryzen 3600 and 1080
  9. Hi. Both same price for me. I had to choose one. Which one?
  10. i am using my laptop , do i need to look for a specific feature in the laptop to run 3d videos? or just the powerDVD?
  11. hi guys . i have a projector and it supports 3d dlp link . and i bought a 3d-glass . but i understand nothing . i didnt know to use it or to watch 3d movie . i just understand nothing . how to use the 3d ? what type of videos can i run ? can i use xiaomi box to watch 3d vidoes?
  12. in the Palestinian market alot of G502 in the market . they are really cheap . and i found the asus mice randomly for the same price
  13. Logitech g502 vs ASUS ROG Gladius II Core. they are 100% the same price in my country . which one ?
  14. what shall i get Asus ROG RYUO or Asus ROG RYUJIN both 240 . i found a good deal on them , they are really close price to each other . almost the same price for me which one shall i get ?
  15. i dont think i need alot of io . only mouse keyboard . and i even have optical headset . but i am thinking about it for the future ? is that a good thinking ?
  16. hello guys . i got a x570 asus crosshair viii hero for very good price . normal price in my country : 533.09 the price i found :370.83 and it has warranty . but the question is do i need it ?> i only play games . i have ryzen 3600 now with asus 240m water cooling 90% i will upgrade to ryzen 4 . shall i take it for gaming ? *i think for my usage b450 is more than enough right ?
  17. Can u give me link or something. Name?
  18. Hello guys i have asus b450 f gaming. And i already used my 2 rgb headers for led strips. And i am planning to add rgb fans and rgb air cooler. But i already used both headers in the motherboard. How can i connect more? Does rgb sync works only using rgb headers?. But rams didn't need any cable to any rgb header. I understand nothing. Help me understand it please Sorry i am noob at pcs