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  1. The list is missing the SanDisk X300. Thanks for your great work!
  2. I just learned that the 1TB drive doesn't have DRAM, while my current 500 GB one does, and since this means the 1TB one would stutter more during web browsing and other similar operations with lots of random reads and writes, I've decided not to make the switch and add a NMVe later when the 500GB limit becomes too annoying. Thanks for your help!
  3. If "play any game" means at bare minimum graphics settings at 30 FPS, then yeah, probably. It depends on what every person's definition of "playable" is.
  4. Because my dad wants a SSD for his new machine, so I would give him my current SSD, since I don't really need the 500 GB. With the switch I would have 3 TB in total (2 TB worth of HDD and 1 TB worth of SSD). I do have the slot, but I saw some comparisons and the difference in game load times between NVMe and SATA SSDs is negligible, so it doesn't really matter which flavor of SSD I get.
  5. I currently run Windows on a Samsung 850 Evo 500 GB SSD, but 500 GB is almost insufficient (I keep having to move Steam games to my HDDs) and I've wanted to upgrade to 1 TB for a while. My dad just bought a new computer with a 1 TB WD Green SSD, which he doesn't need all that storage, so I could switch my SSD for his. I cloned my C:/ partition onto his SSD and ran CrystalDiskMark. Here are the results. The sequential results are still good for the WD, but the random read results are pitiful by comparison. Does this difference actually have any noticeable difference in real world use? Should I
  6. Formatting is a very drastic measure and is really only warranted when your computer is hopelessly infected by unremoveable viruses. In any case, you should have made a full system backup before formatting, exactly so you could restore your system to how it was if you found the solution to the problem later. I recommend Macrium Reflect (which is free) for making easy full backups, and Ninite for very quickly and painlessly installing several common programs after a format.
  7. My rig: - Core i7 3770K - Cooler Master 212 Hyper X heatsink - GTX 970 - ASUS P8P67M-PRO motherboard - PSU: Corsair Builder’s series CX 500 V2 - Windows on Samsung 850 EVO SSD; has 2 HDDs as well - A Uninterruptible Power Supply (stops the computer from turning off when there are power outages) WHAT IS HAPPENING (hereafter referred to as “the problem”): Last wednesday night was browsing the web when my computer suddenly turned off. Since then it will not stay on for more than 1h06m (the record thus far). The DRAM LED is now permanently on. I to