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  1. Thanks guys for your help, it seems to be working now without me changing anything, under 40 degrees at idle and max 65 when running cinebench r20
  2. yeah just going to wait on some more thermal paste as I used all I had
  3. my next step will be to try my old v8 gts and see if that explains
  4. i set it at 1.25V and it was still giving me 55 degrees
  5. ive re-installed it 3 times now and nothing seems to fix it
  6. yeah pump is showing up running at 3120rpm
  7. yeah ive reset the cmos and tried even lowering the voltage as it was originally at like 1.4V Radiator is getting a bit warm and the tubes feel warm as well
  8. old one, I've tried to reset it a few times and when I removed it looked like it was making good contact
  9. Hey guys, Just got a 3950x and no matter what I seem to do it the temperature is always really high. The idle temps are between 60 to 70 degrees with nothing but Ryzen master. I've tried to lower the voltage but that doesn't seem to affect it. When I run cinebench r20 it pegs it at 95 degrees and throttles down to 1.8ghz giving me a cpu score of 4700. I upgraded from a 1700x and never had an issue with it before Specs: Ryzen 9 3950x Corsair h110i gt Asus crosshair vi hero -x370 Bios :7901x64 Any idea of a fix or is it just a dead CPU!! Thanks in advance