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  1. Nice , thank for the advice on the SSD heatsink. Yeah I tried it with the chipset fan , to be honest is wasn't too bad . If I had to leave it then it wouldn't of been the end of the world . And it's still an option to just leave it if the vertical gpu doesn't solve all my problems .
  2. So , I have now got my board x570 taichi and one of the above coolers and there are two main problems I've fit the cooler , it fits on the chipset just fine . However it then means that the 1st and second pcie slots are unusable with a long gpu (gtx1080ti with water lock) . The bottom slot is available , and may then be a option for some people . I however trying doing this in a inwin 303 and the bottom slot in that case is unavailable for any card as it's so close to the floor . I have ordered a bracket to turn the card vertical. This should allow for me to fit my card and
  3. Imo First gen Normally absolute max 1.45v but I would highly suggest running it at 4.1 the extra juice for that small of amount of clock increase is not worth the extra wear on your cpu 1.375v is a good amount for 24/7 running . Save you 4.2 MHz for the odd bench run ect
  4. These look like they may do the job . I haven't got my board yet so cannot measure . But if the holes are within the spec I think I will give it a try . Cheap enough not to worry if it is no good £11.29 13%OFF | DIY North and South bridge Water cooled cooling watercooled cooler diagonal hole spacing 43mm-58mm https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/l2USYIG
  5. 47. Started with one.of those black and white multi game consoles with pong , some sort.of.racing game where you could move left or right to avoid the 2d cars . Moved onto BBC micro b . Think it was either 16 or 32 bit . Played revs , Chucky egg , elite then eventually moved to pc although my 1st pc was more word processor than gaming pc. Only consoles I have tried are PS1 and PS3 . Have had pcs pretty much constant . Rarely play games now . But do dabble . I enjoy ghost recon Wildlands . Did like GTA but it just became toxic online . Mainly tinker now . And use it
  6. Moving it from Windows to Linux is probably going to see the biggest gain of anything you can do . As others have said ,If you want to throw cash at it , max the ram and pop in a ssd drive
  7. £10.78 | 2pcs Desktop Memory Cooling Vest NC-2 Version RGB/Colour Radiator Aluminum RAM Heatsink Change Multicolour Cooler https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bVVAlBkd Just add this to standard eec
  8. The 8 pack Orion pc . The $48,000 version https://www.overclockers.co.uk/8pack-orionx2-dual-system-extreme-overclocked-pc-intel-core-i9-7980xe-and-intel-core-i7-9700k-fs-006-8p.html And a comparison of one of equal spec that you have built yourselves to see how much can be saved and how much performance difference there is , considering overclockers claim there's is the fastest pc in the world lol .
  9. I'll sign up to floatplane when they charge a SMALL fee , and we can then get access to all the creators on the platform . Unless that happens unfortunately iam out .
  10. Remember with Vega you will need a minimum of 600w power supply . Just with it being a prebuilt it's something people often overlook
  11. Yes 3000 series should be on am4 . Even with your 1st gen i5 , personally I would be still temped to wait until zen 2 release before buying . If you simply cannot wait try and go for a 2700. I think you will get much more life out of that than the 2600 for no other reason than the increased core count . Which is where thing appear to be heading going forward for the time being .
  12. Begining of 3rd quarter as far as we know upto now. Midrange zen2 is supposed to be around ( / bit highert than) 9900k performance
  13. Indeed .you have a CPU so your not desperate . Wait and see what zen 2 offers . If nothing else it will drop the Ryzen 2700 prices down a significant amount . And should drop the Intel prices some also
  14. Yeah sorry just read the full post . Forget my suggestion . Serve me right for half reading
  15. You need to put the old card back in . Boot into safe mode and run ddu (free to download just do search) remove the drivers by choosing remove drivers and shut down . Then change card and then start up . It could be a faulty card but try ddu 1st