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  1. What about the MV7?
  2. Ive been looking on YouTube abit yeah. Is the MV7 a better option and will it sounds much better then the snowball and near the quality of the sm7b?
  3. Thoughts on the Shure SM7B
  4. Okay so I got a blue snowball. And its really not the best anymore. Just don't like how it sounds. What's the best mic for like commentary and skit audio recordings?
  5. actually man sorry to reply twice btw. but It doesn't do it most of the time now i see. only some so im confused
  6. Yeah I did man it makes it much better sure you cant here my pc but ya can sometimes my keyboard and mice which I couldnt really here in obs suppression so im curios?
  7. yo man tried it out and it actually still picks up stuff like my keyboard and mice which is weird cause the obs suppression didn't.
  8. Yooo really? I’ll definitely check it out
  9. Hmmm I’ll test that out that out thanks
  10. I use noise suppression on obs and it completely blocks it out. But it kinda makes ya voice robotic doesn’t it?
  11. The pc? And what have really long cords? I’m confused aha
  12. Yeah I mightput it on the floor. Will it cause a lot more dust? I did the fan tuning thing and it helped a lot they running at like 20% still can here it tho.
  13. I have had my pc on my desk for like 2 years but since starting YouTube In all my vids you can hear my pc fans and it’s annoying I turned them down and everything. Anyway should I put it on the floor or? I tried moving the mic around but wherever it is on the desk you can here it.
  14. Hey my current mic for streaming is the Blue Snowball Microphone. The original one I think not the ice one. And its very quiet. Like I have to put the sound it inputs up but then it picks up my fan, me typing, etc. I am abit quiet tho so it could be me. I was just wondering if I get a new mic for example the Blue Yeti X will that help the overall problem and quality of the audio? Whats the best mic? The Yeti Pro Or Yeti X Or something completely different? And would it be louder and not pick up as much background noice?
  15. Hey, So are the RIG 800HD a good choice? Is it worth the money and is it good audio and mic quality? Also will all the features work on my PS4 as well as on my PC? Like all the buttons on the headset as well as all the features? https://www.plantronics.com/ca/en/product/rig-800hd
  16. So I am going to get a Elgato HD60 Pro and was just double checking that it will install in the pc properly and will work smoothly. heres my build : https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/h4t78Y
  17. i tryed to use a tv screen. I dont have another monitor ;/ would a tv screen work. I plugged it in with hdmi
  18. Okay when I remove the cpu and cpu cooler do I need to get rid of the thermal paste? Or just keep it on and put it back once checked cpu is okay?
  19. it says 0-54 is problem related to memory could not be detected. please reinstall the memory and cpu. if the problem still exists please only install one memery module or try using dirffrent ram.
  20. So this is what happens when I boot my pc for the first time. I waited 30 mins and it just doesnt boot. what do all the numbers mean? Heres vid:
  21. This is what happens when I start the pc
  22. Okay guys so here is what happens when I start the pc:
  23. Should I be using display? Or HDMI? Is display better?