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  1. This might seem like a super stupid question, and i'll try to explain: I was having a plethora of in-game crashes which, for a while, I linked to my GPU. I troubleshooted it with an older GPU that I had, but it resulted in me switching around the GPU ~20 times (I know, not efficient at all) to troubleshoot, only to find out later that it was due to faulty RAM. My concern is that I wore out the gold GPU connector pins, and that if I ever wanted to move my GPU it might eventually continue to wear out the connectors to the point that they don't work. am I just paranoid, or is it a real probl
  2. oh, then i really can't help you there. it might be a software problem, possibly make sure all your drivers are installed?
  3. what he said^^^ it sounds like you are using the motherboard video output slot, plug in your hdmi/displayport/vga/whatever cable into the graphics card itself. that SHOULD fix the problem (if it is the problem)