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  1. It's good that it's a driver issue, not something explicitly blocked. It may be that in the future Apple or a GPU manufacturer can possibly announce this feature. "No external GPU support" is simpler to hear than "External GPUs are supported as long as the GPUs are on our supported list. Our supported list is: ."
  2. Compatibility. Microsoft bets on it, Apple does not.
  3. Rosetta 2 is indeed wonderful software, and it covers a noticeable chunk of the in-app-store software (and some non-app-store software). However, there is still major software that has not had the time to update. I am also doubting that Rosetta 2 can handle the translation for Intel-platform hardware acceleration (i.e. QuickSync/NVEnc; Virtualisation extensions). It's the chicken and egg problem that Apple partially solved with the DTK. In order for developers to work out if their app work on the platform, the app needs to be tested on the platform. In the end they just needed to l