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  1. Yeah, managed to update the BIOS via a FreeDOS stick now, still no luck with the remote client tho. I'll try another PC now with the same java.security "hacks", hope this works at least... Having to get out the old VGA monitor and plugging a keyboard physically into the server is kinda annoying.
  2. I'm completely stuck here right now... I'm trying to launch the remote management console for iDRAC 6 (old PowerEdge T710 Server) but no matter what I try the client constantly tells me "Connection Failed"... I've already tried disabling SSLv3 in the java.security file, no luck. Updating the firmware to 2.90 (Build 04), aka. the latest available for my server, didn't help either. Only thing quite old is the BIOS which I have no idea how to update, it's on 6.0.7 tho the latest would be 6.6.0, normally you'd do that via the LifeCycle controller and an update option there but I don't have su
  3. Are we able to get the STLs for this project too? I literally built the same freaking thing a week ago, not kidding, but I wasn't able to design a good enough case for it so I'd love to use the ones you guys made here. PS.: Now hire me huehue :^)
  4. Look at the title, just post clips (timecoded YT videos as example) of Linus dropping things, no matter what. I'll need it for a special something I have in mind. Thanks already!
  5. Bought FloatPlane subscription after checking it out via a friends account to see if it's worth it, it's definitely worth it!