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    Metal_Kitty reacted to BrinkGG in NVIDIA buys high-performance chip-maker Mellanox for $6.9 billion   
    Ah shit... 
    Now all my networking equipment is gonna have weekly driver updates that randomly crash.
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    Metal_Kitty reacted to Bananasplit_00 in Toshiba - "Assisted Reality" - DynaEdge DE-100   
    "Hey, look! We reinvented Google glass!"
  3. Informative
    Metal_Kitty got a reaction from [REDACTED] in Toshiba - "Assisted Reality" - DynaEdge DE-100   
    Well lets be frank, the headline got me, TOSHIBA ANNOUNCES DYNAEDGE MOBILE EDGE COMPUTING DEVICE WITH COMPANION ASSISTED REALITY SMART GLASSES though why they decided all caps for the title i don't know.

    Their official press release is here at this link, http://www.toshiba.co.uk/press/releases/dynaedge-de100-with-assisted-reality/ 

    and if i am honest, it actually looks like a handy piece of kit, I work in IT and regularly have to call back to the office while i am out in the field, for one reason or another, sometimes my pair of hands is actually all they need out there!. but the idea of being able to see what another "wearer"  is doing while they are out in the field with what looks to be a pretty powerful little windows 10 Pocket PC with a display, microphone, and speakers, That is completely portable, sounds like a great little tool to have. 

    Possibilities with it are endless, though they are promoting it on their website http://www.toshiba.co.uk/generic/dynaedge/  primarily for the industrial and logistics sector, i can see quite a wide application of uses, within IT for field engineers - as a second pair of eyes on a site inspection, Fire and Medical services, with a second person looking and watching in real time and possibly noticing something that is happening the the person wearing them doesn't. 

    It actually looks like a good little piece of tech, though their Promo video i think could use a retouch rather than the CG'd hand in the video perhaps use a real person and demo the product! 

    It also integrates "seemlessly" with Active directory, and windows 10. which makes me think they are leveraging the mixed reality portal here, though i can't be certain as i don't own one (yet) 

    On a side note, it something that i would like to see The Linus tech team possibly reach out and ask if they can do review the product

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    Metal_Kitty reacted to AngryBeaver in need help building a new pc for a girl   
    Should probably start off with a dinner at a nice restaurant. A PC is a little spendy for a "friend."
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    Metal_Kitty reacted to Crunchy Dragon in need help building a new pc for a girl   
    Just felt like pointing this out, OP mentioned it was a gaming PC in the post.
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    Metal_Kitty reacted to seon123 in need help building a new pc for a girl   
    Probably that
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    Metal_Kitty reacted to Teddy07 in Very Interesting Video released (Cyber Security)   
    Great video video!
    I am sure you will also like the documentary: " Zero Days: Nuclear Cyber Sabotage" from the BBC if you can find it anywhere. It is a documentary about the Stuxnet attack. A few NSA employees get a chance to speak and explain the backgrounds of the attack. Also, Cyber experts from Kaspersky and so on explain how they were involved in solving this attack while it was going (finding out who gets targeted, how it works... ). Very interesting and I had really chills.
    Damn man, I just started with my computer science Bachelor but it will be tough to pick a specialization later. So many interesting subjects like cyber security, machine learning, AI....
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    Metal_Kitty reacted to OPSJono in Floatplane - streamcast   
    Just a side note, is Twitch even on smart TV's yet?
    I've got a 65" smart TV but it doesn't have an app for twitch. It's got YouTube, Netflix and the likes.
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    Metal_Kitty reacted to colonel_mortis in Floatplane - streamcast   
    I'm not entirely sure how casting to TVs works, but it's my understanding that it requires a native app on the TV as well, which isn't something that the Floatplane team can even consider doing until they have fully launched the dedicated site.
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    Metal_Kitty reacted to WhiteGoblin in Mining Monero (XMR) with my current gear? Let's look at some numbers!   
    Goblin show us your rigs & setup, get personal with us:
    Well outside of watching 300+ people sit in the chatango room because the stats screen is down & they're all freaking out, there has been some decent discussion this morning as well! Everybody wants to see my mining setup and honestly it's not that cool. The desk I sit at, that's pretty PCMR, I'm not going to lie, makes my epeen feel about 1000x large but in reality I'd gladly trade my cool 4K proart monitors and updesk for some rx vegas to put in my rigs. I also decided I was tired of hearing the mining fan load throughout the house so I centralized all the equipment I could into a corner of one bedroom next to an open window. My desk isn't going anywhere so you still hear that but that's to be expected. This is nice because it also gives a location for everybody to return their mobile devices (laptop+phones) to for me to make sure mining is still running on them & they're being properly cooled. Speaking of properly cooled, whoa buddy that room got toasty fucking hot real quick. Even with it wide open and 57F outside, there needs to be a fan in that window asap. I've taken a picture of the temp in the room over the last 24 hours & it's pretty brutal. Thank goodness we're going into winter as this will heat my home no problem, just put a fan in the doorway instead of the window.
    Looking out my window while I'm reading chat & studying XMR:

    The i7-5820K's kraken x61 needs cleaned after mining nonstop without the prefilter installed:

    Network starts here with it's own dedicated battery:

    It then runs into the mining corner inside the next room over:

    Mining room over 24 hours with the window wide open to the outside:

    The PCMR desk I moderate your chat from & the i7-5930k+TitanXP:

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    Metal_Kitty got a reaction from WhiteGoblin in Mining Monero (XMR) with my current gear? Let's look at some numbers!   
    Thanks - managed to push an extra 38 Hashes out of my Main 970 and an extra 10 out of my GT 1030  - I am only doing this Because it's fun, and electric isn't an object to me... 
    Soon I will be running a mining rig 24/7 out of a nice Air conditioned room kept at 18 degrees, and on multiple GTX 1080's SO  

    Thanks for the help and a great write up 

    I will get back to you on the Hosted Proxy soon though. Because I need to look at that idea.. but for another reason!!!! 
  12. Informative
    Metal_Kitty reacted to WhiteGoblin in Mining Monero (XMR) with my current gear? Let's look at some numbers!   
    Hey Metal Kitty! I was thinking about you this morning and the way for you to achieve more hash rate is to increase your blocks on your graphics cards! I had this thought an had to come back to actually check what you reported you where using. For instance my Titan does 112 blocks and my 1080 is doing 100. The higher you raise this number you should see greater hash rates but keep in mind this is suppose to actually be an appropriate number you get from doing some math after counting off your actual card's block diagram. Though in my experience it's pretty simple to dial in; 1.) to high it crashes on open 2.) still to high after it opens you'll see poor negative hash results even at higher blocks. 3.) to low and your performance will start going down towards what you have it at now. There's a perfect Goldilocks zone in there where you're going to see your card's top performance. Hope this helps! 
  13. Informative
    Metal_Kitty reacted to WhiteGoblin in Mining Monero (XMR) with my current gear? Let's look at some numbers!   
    Thanks for the advice jwacher! This is a thread about Monero and investigating different ways at mining it on whatever gear I can get my hands on. Maybe in the future I'll do a zcash thread and see what happens in that scene but for now I'm an XMR man as I believe in it.
    Thank you fine sir I really appreciate it! The main problem with compiling stak is that people generally try and do it inside windows. If you're one of those folks then I'd highly recommend the following step by step tutorials: CPU & GPU. That'll walk you through getting into the dev branch of each miner. Though they're about ready to all be re released as one single package that mines across cpus & gpus regardless of brand so you might want to wait for that before going balls deep an eating up alot of your time just to have to redo it.
    You look like you're doing great so far! Tips to see improvement in your hash rate though would be to pick your favorite virtualization software & get a copy of Snipa22's XMR-Node-Proxy up and running. This will combine your equipment's power into a single thread which once it's dialed in should give you some pretty decent improvements as far as stabilizing your valley to peak ratio. It's a bit of a process as already investigated in this thread pretty deeply, but if you need a hand just come on back & fire another reply off here!
    Well if only this was the case, I'd really like infinite money. Even if I had infinite money you'd probably still find me just sitting here playing around with Monero. I'm really interested in this entire field. I sit in the dev chat rooms, I ask questions, I experiment and test constantly, and I'm never to scared to look like a dumbass. That's the key I think, if you want something bad enough or are interested in something strong enough you'll find your way into it no matter what. This is the gear I personally have, it's not great, it's not meant for mining, and it's certainly not giving me the best results in the world. Though I'm mining and after a month of optimizations I've gained alot of knowledge on how to be a miner, how to walk the walk, setup rigs, maximize gains, etc. This was just the dipping my toe in the water experiment I needed before getting serious. Though I guess that doesn't explain the question. Fine sir, there appears to be a misunderstanding at hand here, as I do not have infinite monies or cheeseburgers.
  14. Informative
    Metal_Kitty reacted to WhiteGoblin in Mining Monero (XMR) with my current gear? Let's look at some numbers!   
    Pi-Hole Mining Enters the ARMs Race:
    Well I was having a good time late last night hanging with an Arsian when the thought occurred to me that the pi-hole install on the raspberry wasn't utilizing it much at all. Now that I had a load balancer setup for nothing but ARM connections, maybe just maybe it could lose three out of it's four threads to a little mining on the side. Which was actually pretty easily done! But only thanks to shingolavine's raspberrypimining install script which pretty much took the piss out of the whole thing. Afterwards you can watch its temps from inside pi-hole's gui itself to make sure it's in the clear, we also logged in via ssh and watched the top process list while we stress tested the network to make sure a single thread would be enough to handle pi-hole or if I needed to reduce the mining to two threads. (one thread works great even during max stress tests) Temps are great for how much stress is being placed on the device & given it's inside a case. Oh we also overclocked & volted it to the high-OC settings getting it to 1ghz across all four cores stable. What's it push out? Well about 5-6 H/s with three single ghz threads which are of course being piped through the load balancer so it's joining in on the speed racer action as well. 
    Here's the little Pi-Hole Miner itself:

    Thank you to shingolavine for raspberrypimining:

    Pi-Hole Temp Check / TOP During Stress Test / Seven Hour ARM Balancer:
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    Metal_Kitty reacted to dannniiboyyi in After windows login nothing will respond!   
    I got it working again, didn't figure out the problem but after multiple runs of different anti-virus software, I decided to just rest my whole pc both drives just make sure all data was erased, (just in case it was some hidden malware), everything is working fine and now have a cleaner computer so two flies with one hit I guess.
    But thanks for the support guys, Happy weekend to you
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    Metal_Kitty got a reaction from Axeonelite in Dual Channel Memory Help   
    You might need to flash back to an older bios version. and  then test the sticks in the board... if they work after rolling back the bios - then report the fault to the motherboard manufacturer on the issue - with a report on the Bios version and which sticks are causing the problem. 
  17. Funny
    Metal_Kitty reacted to AvocadosGuac in usb still powered when computer turns off   
    Alexa- Turn me off is what i read at first. I need to fix my shit
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    Metal_Kitty reacted to Indus Monk in Crypto crash or market correction?   
    So... people in China may sell GTX 980's and GTX 1060's for throw away money?
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    Metal_Kitty got a reaction from NuDimon in My pc has a ghost?   
    In which case there may have been a power surge that has caused some problems. hence the startup repair getting stuck, so the HDD/SSD might need to be looked at and checked for errors, as well, a power surge could have affected a multitude of things, so I would recommend ressetting the BIOS / Clear CMOS
    The PSU might have been hit hard by a power surge in which case, this might have to be replace - and I would advise testing another PSU in the system after clearing the BIOS. 

    GIve those a shot first, then come back to us with the results. 
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    Metal_Kitty reacted to PcMasterRaceNewborn in Linking two computers with USB   
    cool, thanks. iwill be buying this one then
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    Metal_Kitty reacted to xIHuNTeRIx in Linking two computers with USB   
    shouldn't be problem
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    Metal_Kitty reacted to Hockeybalboa in Linus Helped Me To Build   
    Hello ladies and gents.

    Wasn't sure where I should go for this but I thought General Discussion was as good a place as any. I just wanted to extend my thanks to LMG for their great content. I have always been a console gamer but dreamt of having my own gaming rig and getting in on PC gaming. I never thought I would have the skill to be able to build my own and having the displeasure of once owning an Alienware "gaming" laptop decided I never wanted to go down the pre-built path ever again. After watching Linus' videos for the past 6-8 months an opportunity arose to build my wife her first gaming rig and test my skills. After a bit of research (and I still think I may have gotten somethings wrong) I ended up with these parts:

    Case- In Win 303 black
    Motherboard- ASRock B250 Gaming K4
    CPU- i5 7500
    GPU- MSI GeForce GTX1060 OC 6gb
    RAM- Kingston HyperX Fury (2x8gb)
    SSD- Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
    HDD- Seagate Barracuda 1TB
    PSU- SilverStone Strider 500W
    Cooling- Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 240mm AIO & x5 Riing Plus 12 RGB fans

    I was insanely jealous as I had finally built a gaming rig but not for my self but I had at least gotten some practice in for when I could build my own.

    As luck would have it a couple of months later another opportunity arose for me to build my rig. I had been doing some more research on what I wanted for mine and eventually came up with this list and was able to get all the parts and build my machine.

    Case- NZXT S340 White
    Motherboard- Gigabyte GA-Z270X Designare
    CPU- i7 7700k
    GPU- Galax GeForce GTX1080Ti EXOC White
    RAM- G.Skill TridentZ RGB (4x8GB)
    SSD- Samsung 850 EVO 1TB
    SSD- Intel 600P M.2 128GB
    PSU- Corsair RM750i 
    Cooling- Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 240EX AIO & NZXT Aer RGB 120mm (x1) and 140mm (x1) fans

    And a but load of Hue+ RGB... Im one of those people... sorry.

    I'm sure if anyone reads this you will likely spot something I did wrong or did match properly and if so would love to hear what you think I did wrong so I know for the next time (there will be a next time)

    Since building them Ive purchased a couple of Corsair Strafe keyboards and Corsair Void headsets for my wife and I plus some other goodies here and there. I'm pretty happy with how both of these builds have turned out. I was thinking of getting a 4k monitor mine but I have decided I will wait a couple of GPU generations. I dont want the framerate drop just for 4k resolution. So I am thinking of moving to a 1440 ultrawide in the meantime.

    None of this would have happened with out Linus and his crew or you guys here in the forums (I have been doing a lot of reading here the last few months). I have fallen in love with PC building and can't wait for my next chance to be able to build one. Hopefully my 3 brothers decide to invest in some parts.

    Anyway, just wanted to share a story with you lot and thank Linus for teaching me and showing me that building a PC isnt as hard as I originally thought it would be. I look forward to more content across all your media.



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    Metal_Kitty got a reaction from Crunchy Dragon in Good Free Backup Software?   
    The best free backup software you can get comes with windows 

    Just redirect it to an external HDD - and backup on schedule t3o that - with windows...

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    Metal_Kitty reacted to reystar in Good Free Backup Software?   
    I might actually better backup the whole drive, its better isn't it?
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    Metal_Kitty got a reaction from mpsparrow in Good Free Backup Software?   
    The best free backup software you can get comes with windows 

    Just redirect it to an external HDD - and backup on schedule t3o that - with windows...