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    ChaoticChaosx got a reaction from 8k_8k in Anybody have any information on how good the EVGA SuperNOVA GA is?   
    Their PSUs are usually considered the best, it's all I used on 3 of builds. Excellent, well best customer service in the business. Also the 10 year warranty is pretty great.
    I own a G2, G3 and G+. GA seems to be the newest. You won't have problem with it 100% worth.
    However this is my opinion. I always use EVGA PSUs so can't really say anything bad cause there is no cons I have a 7 year old PSU on one system and still like new.
    Each upgrade based on the Super Flower Leadex platform. Like the newest I have the G3 units are based on v2 of the same platform.
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    ChaoticChaosx got a reaction from sub68 in Wireless Headphones with Low Latency   
    Understandable, and yes as @sub68 said sennheiser has the best mic on headset around as far as I know. My sister has them and my dad and they are great like quality is very close to my quadcast which is almost unfair.  Astro A50 sounds pretty good too sound and mic but pricey as can be, so IMO not worth it. HyperX has been my favorite headset, cozy as any I've used I'm on a 3rd hyperX headset, from cloud II.
    As far as music and gaming they are crisp and detailed for positional accuracy with great bass. Alpha S my new favorite right now. For wireless Flight S or cloud II is great. Technie on youtube does great reviews.
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    ChaoticChaosx got a reaction from VirtusHunter in Low to mid range gamers! What gpu are you guys running with?   
    EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW2 with an OC. Served me so well (still is for now) since I bought it in August 2018.
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to UnluckyMonitor in I Need Help With Gaming PC, No Signal to Monitor!!!!   
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to jutrasmobile in I Need Help With Gaming PC, No Signal to Monitor!!!!   
    hmmm, I know it sucks but can you remove the cooler install one in A2 remount and try? If you put the stcks in B1 + B2 you will be in single channel anyway (not good).
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to RadiatingLight in I Need Help With Gaming PC, No Signal to Monitor!!!!   
    Does the computer have any signs of turning on (fans spin, lights on, etc.)
    does it boot loop (fans on, then off, then back on)
    Which CPU and Motherboard exactly. Many boards nowadays have LEDs to indicate where the problem is
    And OFC make sure you have everything plugged in.
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to ShrimpBrime in 3900x Power Plan Setting Help & more?   
    Sounds good Mack!! 
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to Abdullah Bhutta in Should I enable X.M.P?   
    You must enable XMP, its totally worth it
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to ShrimpBrime in 3900x Power Plan Setting Help & more?   
    Well you can also check EDC and PPT in Ryzen Master (if you use that program). I use gaming mode occasionally will increase EDC and PPT thresholds. Let it have a little more power cause it's available. For some reason, mine likes to restrict to 90a in the meantime I limit it manually to 120a. 
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to ShrimpBrime in 3900x Power Plan Setting Help & more?   
    It's a 2 way street. 
    lower voltage = lower temps (hopefully) = better boost therms = higher all cores.
    But sometimes, causes instability. 
    Stick with the -offset when stable. Decrease until it's not stable. 
    Give a little bit back for stability and continue testing there.
    Generally, If going heavy load (gaming or work + streaming ect.), Ryzen or 1Mus Performance. 
    Balanced or power savings when browsing and watching vids, light work ect. 
    I toggle with a program called QuickCpu. The one main and only real reason I use it, is have the ability to easily turn off core parking without editing my registry. Also, in the memory tab, can quickly clean the system and cached memory. This may increase your performance slightly as well. If you are already overclocking and tweaking in another program or bios, don't use this program in conjunction for tweaks (mainly for Intel). But it's a good utility to have on hand. Also, Cpu-z. You can validate your clocks.
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    ChaoticChaosx got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in 3900x Power Plan Setting Help & more?   
    Yeah, I did set that in bios. I don't use ryzen master anymore just HWinfo for things like that when testing, which I read is accurate as of last update.
    I can say my system boots faster then spinning windows loading 3 times.Now don't even see it spin before desktop like when I had my intel, which is nice to see or not see I suppose. Hah. Will keep trying voltage things just slowly not to damage anything I never overclock this chip as setting frequency or voltage I just kept offset for lower temps for higher clock boosts. Cinebench score went up about 200 or so points so some benefit was seen there with rendering which I also do sometimes in sony vegas using MeGUi.
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to WereCat in 3950x voltages and temps   
    Offsets are nice but have in mind that not every CPU will be stable with - 0.1V offset. Its not really necessary anyways 
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to Fasauceome in Streaming pls???   
    streaming off the graphics card is recommended, using nvenc. an Nvidia GTX 960 or something would be an appropriate pairing if you get a good price on the used market.
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to BlueScope819 in B550 Tomahawk or squeeze out a bit more for X570 Aorus Elite?   
    No reason to buy even B450 at this point, I would hold off until AMD releases next gen Ryzen to see if you will even need anything more than a B450 Tomahawk MAX to run the 4700x or whatever they decide to call it.
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to Kanna in Modded Minecraft server   
    The server tends to break most of the times when doing that always remove client sided ones
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    ChaoticChaosx got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in Modded Minecraft server   
    Maybe do a spigot server and have forge client side mods? Works well on the one I make anyway.
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to Kilrah in GPU Hot to the Touch, Idle   
    The goal of the thermal paste is to make the cooler hot, so bad thermal paste would manifest itself by the cooler being too cool, not too hot
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to minibois in Headset Volume Concepts (am I an idiot)   
    It's best to adjust volume only with hardware sliders (AKA: your headset's volume slider). That way you know you're getting all the sound out of your game & console and are then adjusting it with hardware. No digital compression and such that way.
    EDIT: to be clear, I suggest you set game/console sound to 100% (maybe with some adjustments to game effects/music/chat/etc. balance and be sure to not make yourself dead either )
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to DominusMars in Changed motherboard because of BSOD but now its a different issue   
    Update: Reinstalled windows and now everything works great Im glad I can finally get back to playing games and working on programming. Thanks for all your help guys. 
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    ChaoticChaosx got a reaction from DominusMars in Changed motherboard because of BSOD but now its a different issue   
    clear cmos. Reset ram to D.O.C.P. Set voltage whats on the stick or package.
    Then after fresh install don't connect to the internet during installation or do (personal preference) install all update & make sure you have the latest media creation tool and using that.
    Were you looking at voltage and temps while running prime95 using ryzen master or hwinfo54?
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    ChaoticChaosx got a reaction from DominusMars in Changed motherboard because of BSOD but now its a different issue   
    Very nice. Hopefully everything works out and get back to having fun. Report back if issues still persist. We will try to resolve.
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to DominusMars in Changed motherboard because of BSOD but now its a different issue   
    No threats were found. so im gonna reinstall windows 
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    ChaoticChaosx got a reaction from gloop in Changed motherboard because of BSOD but now its a different issue   
    Updated bios and windows completely?
    Changing motherboard recommends fresh install of windows. If you didn't do that.
    Is anything overclocked?
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    ChaoticChaosx reacted to zevans in Can you verify Ryzen 3700X running properly?   
    Thank you for the information and video.
    I really did not want to overclock from the get-go but the more I read and see, these chips basically just prefer to stay on Auto for best performance. That is also what most people recommend.
    Bios and drivers are all updated, chipset as well. At first I only installed the chipset drivers from Asus website in the drivers/support section then I seen there was more updated drivers from the AMD website so I installed on top of the Asus chipset drivers.
    I have not played much with single core frequency testing but it looks like it boosts to 4.2-4.3GHz. I am just going to keep PBO enabled and let it ride.
    I will be upgrading cooler when I find a good sale.
  25. Informative
    ChaoticChaosx reacted to Chris Pratt in AMD PB2, PBO, or AutoOC?   
    Pure clocks isn't what matters here. Synthetic benchmarks also don't tell the full story. That's perhaps a little low, but well in line with what you'd expect. The base clock on that chip is 3.8. Anything over that is boost, and you're never going to see an all core boost last for 50 minutes. The boost clock is 4.6, but you're only ever going to see that single core, maybe a few cores at 4.5. This is all standard CPU stuff. The same situation exists with Intel, but the 7700K had a higher base clock to begin with. Also, you all core OCed, which is a different thing. You could alll core OC the Ryzen too, and probably get stable around 4.4. Then, you would see the sustained clocks, but you'd be chopping 200Mhz off your maximum single core boost.
    Again, though, it's not all just about clocks. It makes a difference in single core workloads, because literally nothing else is going on other than how fast it's chewing through the instruction set. However, multi core is an entirely different ball game, and even at lower clocks, the Ryzen chip easily slaps down your old CPU.