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    PC's, Gaming, Overclocking, PC Hardware, DC comics, TV Shows and Movies, Space, Cats, Smoke
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    Space & PC Enthusiast
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    EMT/Microcenter Builder


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    I7 7700k OC 5.0GHz Delidded 1.33V
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    EVGA Z170 Classified K
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    HyperX Predator DDR4 3200MHz 32GB 4x8GB XMP
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    EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 Ti FTW2 8GB OC +130 GPU Clock +250 Memory Clock
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    EVGA DG-87
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    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB | Samsung 850 PRO 256GB | Western Digital Black 1TB | Western Digital Blue 1TB
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    EVGA 1000W G3
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    AOC CQ32G1 32" Curved QHD 2560x1440 VA 144Hz 1 ms
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    EVGA CLC 280m CPU Cooler
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    Razer Ornata Chroma
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    Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition
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    Hyperx Cloud II
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. My 3070 xc3 ultra runs around 50c-55c idle. Yours is a little hot though. I get around 69c-72c at the most when gaming. Maybe try setting a fan curve with msi afterburner. I'd DDU to wipe the drivers first to be sure it isn't faulty. Then reinstall the drivers choose "custom" and check "clean install". As @SpookyCitrussaid maybe see if a replacment is possible or RMA. Depending what you paid for it there is a decent amount of cards on a subreddit (where I got my brand new) might be an option.
  2. We need build specifications to further help. Is this a new build from scratch?
  3. That pretty basic thermals for these cards. You can setup a fan curve for better but I wouldn't worry about unless overclocking. I only ever had EVGA and was perfect for so long and the best customer service in the game in my experience. I mean if your case can fit it then I'd get it. Yeah I'd check the subreddit and the shuffle is pretty good people getting quite lucky recently I seen. Dang they jumped a lot since my purchase. Yeah I hope your not one of those. Haha. I'd try to find the best for the price if you can afford then why not.
  4. MSI is the card my girl has, it's clocks are higher than any other card I've seen. My EVGA version (3070 till EVGA has new stock) sits around 50c idle. Never goes above 69c-70c under load. Max settings of course. If trying to spend as little as possible. They all will get the job done. Also maybe check out "hardwareswap subreddit" This is where I got both of them and brand new in January. Overpriced by $200 or more then though. If money is no option MSI Gaming X Trio. Don't forget a sag bracket.
  5. I did, FOR SCIENCE! Results are in: I hear no difference since digital signal is digital signal. So as I only tested with Warzone anyway.
  6. Well since Synapse 3 its been fine. 2 I had an issue with a downloaded profile that broke synapse to my keyboard. With 3 though I have almost 30 different configs across my devices and never experienced an issue. So if you haven't used Synapse 3 (which is the newest) yet, give it a try when you get your items I'd recommend it if you like to sync everything like I do.
  7. Right. I'm not sure how hand size. I suppose the average of mans? Haha. I never owned reddragon anything so I don't know about them. All my stuff is razer. I've had the lancehead and mamba. Mamba by far I think you be happy with them both.
  8. So I have an ASUS TUF x570 and recently ran out of USB ports for my devices. 6 Ports in total. 3 peripherals 1 Mic 1 Soundbar 1 Headset Stand 1 Headset USB Dongle Now my headset stand has USB ports in it. My 3 peripherals are razer products synced together with my corsair fans and RAM. So I'd rather not put one of these in my headset stand for a chance to them become not synced correctly. Can I take my headset USB dongle out my motherboard and use it from my headset stand? If I can will this change the audio quality even with the EQ settings I hav
  9. I'd say yes. I like a full keyboard myself that is personal preference, of course. I have owned a mamba wireless the RGB version. I loved it fit my hand so well I'm palm so was nice for me. For $70-$80 absolutely a deal. Just remember to clean them.
  10. Change to AMD 5900x or close to it. For gaming and/or video editing cause you can do both very well intel is not king of either anymore or right now anyway or wait for new intel if you sticking with them. The second build is an upgrade by a bit. I'd move over the CPU cooler and storage drives and sell the rest of the old build and go with the new build. You can sell on ebay or hardwareswap sub reddit. Fees either way so up to you.
  11. Razer Nari I never used but hear good things. I use the Razer blackshark v2 Pro and loving them. Stay away from corsair Void. The Virtuoso are nice looking and the XT version a newer and better, HyperX are the most comfortable to me (the blackshark from razer are very close as comfort goes) as I had the cloud ll and they now have a wireless version them. For logitech see if you can find "G pro X" those I recommend as well.
  12. Not sure about windows 19 but my task manager is always running around 232 processes unless I open another piece of software/app. You can just screenshot it with the "prt sc" key if you want to makes sure I suppose.
  13. Looks good to me. I mean the gpu but the prices they are right now. I just upgraded from a 2060 not to long ago and it played RDR2 very well with high settings (shadows down from ultra to high) so if nothing 8GB 20 series available you'll be fine for now especially for those games and the one i mentioned. Monitors depending on size and resolution you want. Monitors I have had are (all curved and 32" 1440p) AOC CQ32G1 ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ Acer Predator All VA panels which are an upgrade for me going from a 24" TN 1080p If you don't care about curved or 32"
  14. Beta bios perhaps? I have the same board an updated for for soon to be here 5900x. Not beta which I would say never to do. Personal preference though for such issue. Have you tried the newest stable bios? Is on of the led lights on the board "stuck" before posting with the green?
  15. Not when you can go to reddit and get rtx 3070 vision from gigabyte so $50 extra. However you can do a step up at EVGA for a better card all you pay is tax and shipping if the card msrp is cheaper on their website. At $800 it will be. Mine step up to 3080 was.