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  1. I know this question has probably been answered 1000000 times but... If I use faster ram than is supported by my CPU+mobo will my system still work I am getting a X5667 which only supports up to ddr3-1600 but I have some ddr3-1866 and I don't really want to buy new ram so will it work? Thanks
  2. If you only use your phone for that you could just use a used nexus or something that has good support
  3. its not going to be a new build I already have one that is working fine(fx8350, 16gb ddr3,gtx1060) but lacks virtualization for pcie passthrough so I'm just going to use older server hardware that would be somewhat equal to what I have. Linus did a video on using old server hardware (older than what I'm planning on using) and it was getting a solid 60fps in demanding games. I don't need a parts list.
  4. mostly web browsing, some gaming and virtual machines
  5. Would a pcie 2.0 slot be a bottleneck for a gtx 1060 6gb?