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  1. I get that people like drinking coffee with sweetners but I use the same logic as with other beverages. I don't put anything else in my beer. I drink my milk straight. So I try to drink everything else straight! But I don't judge... ok a little
  2. Il faut trouver un sujet de conversation... Pourquoi pas le café!! Je suis en train de finir mon café. Pourquoi buvez-vous ou pas du café?
  3. I'm gonna piss a lot of people off but, DOOM!!!!
  4. Spider-Man. Would play in the pool so I could "Hang" from the wall
  5. Yeah. My native language is french and I find it hard to explain to others. It makes no sense
  6. Pre-panic disorder life!!! Remember when we were kids and all you have to think about was, which superhero you wanted to play as. Damn I miss being a kid!
  7. Are you GPU drivers up to date? Check for the latest either by nvidia website or nvidia gaming experience
  8. Banned for not identifying a lama correctly
  9. Closest I found to what you have https://www.tradingpost.com.au/Musical-Instruments/Guitars-/Learners-Guitar-with-NOTES-on-Fretbord-MAGNUM-custom-series/Canberra/ACT/AdNumber=9KC9LH Still not much info on the guitare itself
  10. My main dream/goal is to be able to let my wife work from home. She doesn't want a corporate life. She wants to cut the grass, repair the house, take care of the horses, work on her woodworking projects, take care of the kids. I need to find a way to get her there. Couple of ideas right now. Don't know how it will pan out. Only time and effort will tell. The thing I realized is, our dreams/goals are all possible if we work hard towards them. Only us can get in the way of our dreams. I know it's cliché but it's still the truth. If you work hard enough and put
  11. 1.25 CAD / L 0.96 USD/L 3.63 USD/US GAL 4.36 USD/ IMP GAL
  12. I gave them 4 months notice. Because I'm the only IT guy, I wanted to give them time to find another one and help train the new guy. They appreciated it a lot. Literately got a pay raise and am training the new guy. I think they want to keep me