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  1. Well, thanks for your time. I have some downloading to do I guess.
  2. When I select the folder it says I have to select an empty folder.
  3. I tried that and it doesn't work. Any other ideas? Thanks for all the help so far btw!
  4. All games but one are like this: E:\Steam\steamapps\common But I see now that one has this filepath: E:\steamapps\common
  5. If I select the folder where the game is installed it gives me this error "Failed to add new Steam folder" "Folder must be empty"
  6. Hello all I had some trouble after an Windows Update and I had to reset my PC. I did it with keeping my personal files but it did delete most programs. But most games were installed on other drives so those did not get deleted. But steam does not see these games any more and deleting them en re-downloading would take a day or two I think. Is there a way I can tell Steam where does games are? I have a very similar problem with QTorrent, I have multiple donwloaded torrent and was wondering if I could make them auto detect without having to find the torrent info.
  7. Yeah, that is my reasoning to for now. But when it really becomes uncomfortable because the heat I will stop until autumn. (I will still fold in the morning since the nights are still cold)
  8. I have solar panels. But that electricity can be used by others. So it doesn't make it really green.
  9. I don't fold during the summer. It produces too much heat. It is affordable for me when it is colder since I don't (or less) have to heat my house. I also think it is bad for the environment to do it. Both of these things or a reason to stop. I will fold a bit more now because of the corona-crisis.
  10. Is see in the F@H stats that there is a spike in points on sundays. Why is that? More people at home that turn on their pcs?
  11. Yes! Getting all the WUs I need! Are they able to keep up? Or am I just lucky?
  12. That is wierd. They say they don't have any GPU WUs?