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  1. You spread false information and wrong benchmarks. Or know what the OP talks about... There you go your own benchmark software tells me im right. Main- Mid- Low- An inner part will never be equal in speed to the outer and the slightest movements is insane latency drop. Again im 100% right read my article plz.
  2. You have not read everything it really applies to the partitions. If you u have read the use of services/os/dll/etc you'd see it would be seperated form any of the following mechinacal hdds. My test does not lie i am 100% right you can re apply the tests yourself. Using 2 partitions aka a lil mp3 and another file on your other partition will instantly devide your usage. Defragment wont help you here anyway... The test you do applies to full use of a hdd aka All PARTITIONS are at work together. An ssd does not apply to mechanical movements so um yes that is an irrelevant state you van create 1
  3. I calculated the space based on disk percentage usage and trying to isolate the middle of the disk by grabbing 25% and a little less of the the disks percentage. These tests have been running individually so not 2 partitions at once at the same on a disk. Use the HDD 's main part with the fastest speed for your games and programs and other things that require a big performance reading like newer games. The mid part is reserved to be the next installment for your heavy working programs this is made to isolate the latency (not if you use 2 programs on 2 different partitions ofcourse
  4. From top left to the right you have a 7200rpm 1TB hdd. After that in the top right corner is a SSD that is not relevant in this test. At the bottom we have a 5400rpm 500 GB HDD. Tested all like: Main and main, mid and mid, low and low. These are serious drops over almost half the r/w speed on the 7200rpm. 25% ish for the 5400rpm. Based on this the middle partition should work the fastest while using multiple combinations next to the same partition so a mid+main or mid+low should have insane drops on main and or low because they have to reach s
  5. Sound like highly unstable oc like many ppl have unstable oc..... Yes er all build now but that 80% of world non techie is still not capable to fully understand overclocking.
  6. Run ur ryzen at 3.7 and ir below 1.25 voltsge thank me later
  7. To put all that on a b450 that weak is not so smart esp not when ocing. Alao why not the pro 4? Thats a more devent board. 2600 be good too price wise. I like your pick better than the OP's. People r are not aware of ryzen yet.
  8. Topic related? Goood build? No ryzen is better... Psu related.... Good pick? No u need 550watt or higher..... With an upcokin rx 570 or 580. Intel will underperfrom for your price level vs amd. All this psu bs....
  9. Sooo run memtest why?? What is the problem tell me. You seem to know stuff. What after the memory test... cause it will succeed. For someone full of msi + the armor card means to me ur prob msi biased..... cause that brand build.... Now all u say is memtest86 that f makes no sense. You ignore the fact OP uses hardware and windows for a long time. Which can cause corruption in the problems the OP revealed to the forum. The page file might be totally bsoding the hell out of ur OS due of memory related problems. He didnt have faulty hardware before the update so most likely his ram wont be fault
  10. Did you even do the page file fix?? Or am i here for a joke cause the other ppl here tell u to buy new things without any solving.... Mem test before pagefile fix?????? Do you even realise his pool size is messed up....... And a mem test is not a salvation and makes no sense before u try that other fix. Buy i see that you did not yet. Any way good luck
  11. What do u mean? That is not valid the 660ti spins very good. I got one here still. Artifacts and glitches??? Thats a faulty card not a driver issue. Drivers got better since the launch of 660ti. You could use a gt8600..... that age of the 660ti you say.... makes no sense. The 660ti crushes 750 ti. Your reaction is 100% not even valid. The 660ti is far from terrible you dont even know what you speak of?
  12. Yeh i have seen all those, bad cuts!? I would really try some if i had sum spares hehe. Couldnt really find any info about it since todays internet is full of pc building newbs and oc pages are not what they were used to be lol. I wont give up hope there must be some super nerd like myself ld with huge pack of no life and wanting to do pinmods on ryzen or anything hardware mod related cause thats just amazing. Dont tell me i would be the only one. The current processors just seem to have locked threads and are probably laser cut?
  13. No 750 ti either, these r almost equal but they are weak. Here you can compare some charts of the 260x its in between them. These charts are pretty reliable as i have experience with many of the cards on that chart. CLICK HERE to view it yourself. Oh and that r9 270x where this chart ? is based around is a good card still for many games on 1080p, for gtx that would be 660ti.
  14. Tbh id go ryzen.... Dont see a point for intel... U less ull stuff a 2080+ and huge monitor to catcj up a huge card... But ur going for 580....a ryzen 1200-3600 will all suit really good for ur 1080p super set up and even a rly good 1440p. Although my suggestion would be get atleast ryzen 1400+ for the threads in todays games, for the 1200 or other 4/4 will bottleneck ur card (like a battlefield game would as example) . U need a good psu till around 650 watts i guess bit lower would also do, dont cheap out on it. 16gb kit is also better if u wanna be in todays up to date although 8 gigs still
  15. As old school ocer. I was wondering if pinmods are still able to cause magic? Arr there even people or places i can check or read that try this? (yes i lack money for destroying cpus+mobos) Just made me wonder today.... Thinking of all that hardware EZ modding.... Cutting copper pins..... Cutting in cpus..... Good ol days... Let me know please ? PS: i am reffering to ryzen cpu's Cheers, GB
  16. A fresh install with a wiped (formatted) old OS install drive is really needed.What you couldbtry here without that is in control panel - > system - > advanced system settings - > [TAB] Advanced - > Performance click on settings - > [TAB] Advanced -> Virtual memory click on change - > Check if all drives except for your current OS installed drive (prob C:) are having NONE next to their drive Letters. If so those are good, if not make them to none. Now your local OS drive Should have: "System Managed", click on "No paging File" and press set (do the same for drives that sho
  17. Yes they are. You don't get marketing. Why you think they just wouldnt build any more factories?
  18. You cant read man. I said nvidia is not gauging the retailers are lol...
  19. Try mess with some sync options perhaps? Are your other games fine?
  20. Its overrated and supported by just a few set ups. I see a future without dual cards.
  21. Unplug your card. Reset cmos, try replug it. Have you oced your cars before?
  22. Not for his requirements. Check Jokers game tests on the APU's he used TR and some others like PUBG etc. *That's obv tomb raider not thread ripper...*
  23. Its simple, are you gonna bend over? I wouldnt.