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  • Birthday Aug 05, 1999

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    YouTube, streaming,
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    I'm from Russia
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    I want to work for Amazon customer service


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    Intel core i5 6402p
  • Motherboard
    B110m Bazooka
  • RAM
    8gb ddr4
  • GPU
    Radeon AMD RX480
  • Storage
    2 1tb western digital
  • PSU
    500 watt
  • Display(s)
    24 inch Acer KH56A or something 5ms response time
  • Cooling
    Intel stock cooler
  • Keyboard
    Stock CyberPowerPC
  • Mouse
    Stock CyberPowerPC
  • Sound
    Astro a40 tr's

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  1. Dual gtx 560's or 1050 ti? I'm gonna build a pc and idk what one to do?

  2. Can someone send parts for a $500 build in the in win 303 case 

  3. What's  good but cheap pc for streaming. 

  4. What's a cheap but good processor for gaming?

  5. So I added another 1tb from a not to old desktop and now my pc is slower? Why???

    1. 2FA


      The more data you put on a HDD, the slower it gets. This is because it starts writing data at the edge of the disk and gradually moves inward as more data is written. 


      Now to the physics part. When a disk or circle spins, the outer part of the disk spins at a higher velocity than the inner part of the disk. Pretty much it can read/write more data at the edge of disk than it can at the inner part.

    2. SyndicateYT


      But I have over 830 gb free on both of them

    3. 2FA


      Ohhh, I misread your initial statement. Don't know then.

  6. Is liquid cooling better that fan cooling?

    1. wrathoftheturkey



    2. genexis_x


      @wrathoftheturkey agree

      @SyndicateYT please make a thread instead of status update

    3. SyndicateYT


      How do u do that


  7. If anyone has a 1050ti, what fps do you get on H1Z1 and on what settings. 

  8. In anyone has and old pc and wants a "fidget spinner" then use the  fan for your heat sink! Or just a fan!  That's what I did and it's perfect. It's a little big but it's quiet!

  9. You probably don't care but SYNDICATE HIT 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!! :D

  10. Hey people who see this. I wanted to respond to people on amazon but i needed to buy something but I'm not going to waste my money on there so I'll just help people on here!

  11. I need help for a 350 dollar build!  I just joined so I have no clue how to use this but can someone send me parts. Like not actually but tell me some good ones. 

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. SyndicateYT


      Thx man. Really appreciate it!

    3. AvocadosGuac


      Buy a refurb i5 on Newegg and throw in a low profile 1050ti/rx460.

    4. DocSwag


      No problem. If you wanted to save a few bucks you could get a b250 mobo with only 2 ram slots instead.