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  1. Still have no clue why, been over 2 1/2 weeks, constantly at 100% Utilization. No fluctuation, just a constant 100%. Currently at 130 Fahrenheit, that's not bad is it?
  2. Okay now it's getting stutters during gameplay. Is there a software or something that will break down the CPU Utilization for you so you see exactly why it's maxed out? Thanks in advance.
  3. Still stuck at 100%. I've been able to play Modern Warfare, Minecraft, & Monster Hunter World all without stuttering. Could the percentage thing be broken?
  4. Full/Deep scan, same thing right? Just yesterday I ran a scan with Windows Defender. If by Full scan, you mean enable all scan options, then yeah I did that. I can't be bothered to pay for Malwarebytes premium. But this is how I setup the scan, and yeah aside from a couple PUP's which I got rid of, restarted, and still having the problem.
  5. Went ahead and tried the scan, found nothing at all. Ran Windows Defender too, still nothing. Any other ideas? Also, will constant 100% Utilization cause any issues? Thanks again in advance !
  6. I've used this site's help for as long as I can remember but only now have I signed up. Basically, I have a bit of an issue that I can't seem to find help with. Forgive me in advance if there's another topic where the issue mirrors mine completely, I just can't bother to find it. So my CPU has been stuck at 100% usage for a few days now. Even when idle. I'm really stumped as to why, and I really would like to keep restoring windows as an absolute last resort. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, I'll truly be grateful. Off the bat let me list what I've already tried. Restarting Compu
  7. Thanks a ton for the response bro ! I've been conflicted over this for quite some time now. My son wanted to know how computers worked, so I decided why not score some time together building a low-end pc from scratch. We had it working for a bit, the build and all, using a B43 (I believe) P5QL-VM DO the Mobo is called but I think it may be shot because it can't really keep up with everything else. I remember building a rig myself awhile back once I started working and it was a fun experience, hoping he enjoys it like I did. Again, thank you for your response !
  8. Please allow me to apologize in advance, I just don't know where else to turn at the moment. Everywhere else I've looked threads regarding 775's are outdated back to at least 09' and 10'. You all, considering any of you happen to check this anymore, seem to be extremely smart regarding these things and I can't honestly say the same for myself. Basically, I hope this is a simple question, however I can't get a straight up answer anywhere I've looked. What would you all say the best 5 chipsets are for the LGA775? I know this an extremely outdated piece. I just have