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    Known to play video games on occasion
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    MIS Degree (Not using it though) Go figure


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    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
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    MSI B450 AM4 Motherboard
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    MSI Radeon RX 480
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    NZXT H210
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    Samsung 840 120gb, and some various HDD
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  1. Brandonsr

    Red dead 2

    I also had no idea it would be on steam. But yes, to answer your question. It will be able to play with your friends still.
  2. I can't even get the game to run. It crashes with an Direct X error code. So far it is crazy buggy, and hopefully they will fix it soon
  3. Always preferred manual. Honestly, I get bored driving if I am not shifting gears. I do not like automatic vehicles because I see all my vehicles as toys and I like to be in control of them and have fun.
  4. I can understand where you are coming from, but I personally do not read much youtube comments. For people that do I can see why it would be annoying if you wanted more comments on the actual product and not directed at Anthony haha. But that is what the youtube comment section is.
  5. 2013 Volkswagen GTI, and a 2001 Suzuki DRZ-400s are my current transportation machines
  6. It is all relative honestly. You cannot compare a Toyota Corolla (yes it is reliable and newer models have nice features.) to a BMW M3 for example. They are completely different markets. Depending where you live, they do mark up the cost of cars, but that is out of our control. Pickup trucks in the united states are outrageously priced, but they are because the demand is higher. The price point is all aimed at their target demographics. They are not making high end cars for broke people essentially.
  7. Think I paid full price for that game and loved it haha. I cannot imagine getting it for that cheap. Definitely worth playing it for those who haven't
  8. I would check the gpu itself (Connections and seating). If you already re-installed windows and various AMD Drivers that is. I don't see how Modern Warfare would cause any issues. Unless it got too hot and messed the card up.
  9. Yeah I would do Ebay,OfferUp, or even Craigslist. I have used all three for all sorts of things. Ebay is probably the safest route, but craiglist and offerup you are actually able to test it before you buy it.
  10. Last purchase was a Tampa Bay hat that I picked from Lids yesterday.
  11. This is exactly what I did when I purchased my 480. It only cost me 150$ after everything was said and done, granted I still have to wait for the rebates to go through. And my experience with Jet has been great, for those of you that are worried.
  12. I would get the 3GB model. Honestly I wouldn't bother with the 6gb, the price difference is not worth it in my opinion.