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  1. Or even if I could take the mesh bit off the outside of the cable? Didn't know if it was recommended etc
  2. So i just bought a new RM850X In white. I really want white cables and the ones that come with the PSU are white but there just standard PSU cables but ovs just in white. I really want cable mods cables because they look nice but just wanted to check to see if there's anything i can do with the standard cables to make them look better, or even re sleeve the cables ? Thanks
  3. So you reacon I should just have my CPU Core Voltage Override at 1.350 and leave everything else on auto like this? Apologies for so many questions it's my first time overclocking
  4. Whiles running cinebench with my fans on 100% and my watercooling pump on 100% my pc is at 90°c. My toom temp is 19°c can't seem to get it to go below 90°C
  5. Iv currently got a custome ek watercooling loop. What would you recommend to put my cpu voltage and my dram voltage to be?
  6. I'm my bios there's a quick 5ghz overclock. Did that and seems fine on cinebench just ran at like 90°c. what do you recon i should put my voltage and dram voltage to?
  7. Yeal il give Cinebench ago because no matter what I changed my voltage to it still said it was I stable and I always had 1 error. Now for some reason with everything in stock settings I'm gett idle temps of like 45-50°c where before it was like 30-35°c
  8. Tried that but when I ran prime95 It failed just gone back to stock now seems like I can't get the right settings for a overclock
  9. Still get 1 error with This. Should I up my voltage?
  10. Followed this and temps went to like 80°c and got 2 fails
  11. Currently following this video atm just to check over everything https://youtu.be/bD1Ze80GpLo
  12. temps went to like 70-80 degrease C and at idle its 30-40 degrease C
  13. So I'm trying to overclock my CPU to 5GZ and have followed videos online that show what i need to do. i have a Asus Z370-F gaming Motherboard and a I7-8700K. when i do the overclock and try do a prime95 stress test it comes up with an error on some of the cores. what is it i need to change ? Pictures show BIOS settings and error codes on Prime95