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  1. It says Reduce The volume of other sounds by 80% should i change it to do nothing?
  2. Hi i brought a new headset the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero. They are fantastic but then i joind a discord call but the rest of my pc goes quite like my game and youtube i checked the settings in the turtle beach control studio and the is nothing but then when i go into volume mixer it shows 2 volume levels please help i dont know if its my headset or settings in my pc the headset is 100% volume
  3. Oh i just didnt know my fans seem a lot louder then yesterday
  4. I have a 2700x with the stock cooler buit my temps keep changeing it will stay at 45 celsius for a few seconds then go up to 65 then back down this is idle any fixes
  5. My cpu fan Will run loud and fast then it will slow down all the time
  6. Villakid86

    Case fans

    Sorry for the stupid question but should i get pwm or dc fans i dont know the diffrence
  7. Villakid86

    PC loud

    Whooshing with a bit of buzzing
  8. Villakid86

    PC loud

    I have a rm650x i just checked and it dont even turn on when it not under load
  9. Villakid86

    PC loud

    thats the thing i have no clue i dont know i stoped my case fans for a few second the sound was still there i turnd down the spu fan and the sound was still there
  10. Villakid86

    PC loud

    Hi my pc is runing loud what should i do should i buy a new case or fans i dont know what to do
  11. Villakid86

    Guys help

    I downloaded Fan expert 4 for my asus motherboard becouse i wanted to get my pc quiter but oh i was wrong i ran fan tuning and now it is so loud please help me