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  1. Hahaha, I’ve quit the DIY scene. Fun times w GFX cards and what not
  2. Bought these recently, MD+ arrived just yesterday. Really astounding for the price considering I haven’t ran it off a proper source yet.
  3. Hello LTT community, How has this place grown! What’s up everybody
  4. Well let me just say it's a really unpleasant experience I don't even know where to start fixing
  5. Alright. I'll speak to the store assistant and see what they recommend. All the data on the net seems to be all over the place sometimes =\ Asking here is better =)
  6. Muscle I like my current weight but probably 5 more kg would be perfect hehe
  7. I'm not looking to bulk up but want to look better in clothes. I'm rather lean at the moment and am looking to replace my high calcium milk power I drink in the mornings with something else. I do short exercises daily. Would hope you guys could introduce something I can purchase easily in Singapore. There's plenty of GNC and Holland & Barret in Singapore. Cheers guys
  8. They look so harmless!
  9. would really hope there is a fix without having to reformat and do a fresh installation...=X
  10. i am seriously considering doing a fresh install on my 840 Pro or maybe buy another to raid 0 but..=X LOL
  11. firefox didn't but i uninstalled it as there was some bug after an addon i DL'ed i don't see those options,,