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  1. XMP is intel only but some manufacturers include some utility in BIOS that allows them to use it even on AMD. (DOCP, EOCP, A-XMP all of these are +- the same only difference is who is the manufacturer)
  2. I did that but still wouldnt work but, setting the memory to 3066 solved the issue.
  3. Hi, I have G.SKill RipjawsV (2x8GB) DDR4 3200 and ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS and when I OC memory using DOCP it wont post but when I dial the changes back it boots normally . I tried reseating the memory and I even put it in other dimm slots but when I OC it never posts.
  4. Hi, just doing my 1st build and wondering when I should (or if at all flash BIOS), Im little scared of it because it can brick the MOBO and I dont have UPS. My motherboard is ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS and I have r5- 1600 + G.skill ripjaws 3200 2x8 DDR 4 memory. Thanks
  5. Hi, the title is pretty self-explanatory. I want to try waste time of some "tech support" scammers. Thanks. Also whats the best free VPN to use? (something else than TunnelBear )
  6. what PC do you have now, and whats the budget for the CPU, RAm and Mobo(be concrete please)?
  7. According to UserBenchmark 1060 will get you 20% frames in games, you have to decide if thats worth it to you, but if I were you I would propably stick to the budget
  8. I want to use the projector for slow paced games (Like XCOM or Civ etc.) and normal monitor (1080p) for fast paced ones. And if the projector will be sh**ty Ill just wont use it Btw: thanks for the advices
  9. The thing is we still have the black friday sales here until sunday so I have to buy it until then or Ill be over my budget, to be honest about the 4k display we have home theater with 4k projector so I want to hook it up to that, the vega 56 is like 20 bucks cheaper than 64 so it wont be enough for better mobo
  10. Better board is saddly over budget, Vega has the same cost as 1080 (1080 is better than vega 64 right?)
  11. My budget should be equal to 1250 USD (31000 CZK), but in my country the prices are mostly meh, so thats that, https://www.czc.cz/amcm3ra9dqgc08remu0qmgnb73/seznam thats the shopping list in my country shop (for the prices).
  12. Nope, its included in partpicker list
  13. Hi I had a prebuild system for a long time and now I decided to upgrade, this is the build right now https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Jbm2pb (I already have the SSD) + an 2TB HDD im gonna salvage and a DVD drive, the case is gonna be Regnum RG1W Pure Black. I want to use it for 4K gaming and I wanna try streaming and Im thinking about buying VR in the future. So I want to ask if there isnt a part Im including right now that would be bad or something. Im right on my budget right now.
  14. http://www.corsair.com/en-eu/cx-series-cx650m-650-watt-80-plus-bronze-certified-modular-atx-psu-eu so this one should be good?
  15. Hi, Im making my first build and I have to ask. The PSU I want to buy is Seasonic S12II-620 620W so I want to ask if it is any good or I should buy something different ? (right now its on sale for the equivalent of 60 bucks)