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  1. Well, I kinda figured as much. Time to get amazon to ship me another set and try again. Thanks for helping me again both here and on that one other post I made two years ago lol
  2. So I tried memtest+ and was PLANNING on leaving it overnight like you said but each test only lasted for a second before becoming totally unresponsive. I tried multiple times with each stick in different slots but the results were the same bar one time I received errors immediately. I could not replicate this.
  3. So I recently purchased DDR3 G-Skill Ripjaws 2x4gb ram sticks at 2400mhz as an upgrade to my previous DDR3 2x2gb unbranded ram. After installing them into the slots, I booted the PC and got as far as the Acer logo before it froze and went unresponsive. I decided to swap them out for my old set and it worked perfectly. I then tried booting with just one of the sticks and got further to the windows 10 load screen but at that point it will either freeze again or throw a Bad Pool Header BSOD error at me. I was just wondering if this is indicative of faulty RAM or is there any
  4. The one I have now is an mATX board so will any mATX board not fit even if the PC is a prebuilt? Ah, thank you.
  5. So I recently managed to nab an Intel i5 2400 quad core processor for free. Seeing as the socket type in my current mobo is LGA 1156, I can't use it since it wants a 1155. My current mobo is the one that came with my prebuilt Acer Aspire M3910 desktop, a H57H AM2 board. Basically I'm wondering what it is I need to be looking out for when choosing a new motherboard since this will be a major upgrade and i haven't changed anything in the PC besides the GPU atm. Also would the stock cooler for a 1156 chip suffice for the new one? Thanks in advance. Th
  6. I have a prebuilt Acer Aspire m3910(G) with an i6 650 and OEM motherboard. The original GPU that came with the PC (GT320) started to have issues so I upgraded to a 1050ti and I'm looking to upgrade the CPU to better suit the card. Is it possible for me to upgrade the CPU on an OEM motherboard and if so what CPU if any would be best suited for the graphics card. pc service manual: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1221/Acer-Aspire-M3910-G.html i5 650 socket type: LGA 1156
  7. So i'm wondering if i'll be able to upgrade just the videocard of my current desktop pc without worrying about anything else. I know I should upgrade the PSU and i probably will sometime down the line but ideally i'd like to be able to do just this for now. I'm using the acer aspire m3910 (G) I5 650 CPU 1050ti (hopefully) 4 gb DDR3 ram dual channel 300W 80 PLUS bronze PSU by delta electronics. model: DPS-300AB-39C I'm asking if you think i'll be fine so long as i dont overclock or is it just not worth it at all and i'll just end up frying my PSU or w
  8. Considering purchasing a 1050ti without 6 pin connector and i'm wondering if i have anything to worry about besides the PSU.