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    josh42666 reacted to Moonzy in Power for pc from desk, suggestions?   
    set the bios to auto turn on when power is received
    then switch on your computer with the switch on the wall or extension cord
    done `-`
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    josh42666 reacted to Mauri in Tribler is making BitTorrent anonymous and impossible to shut down   
    Water tastes like water.
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    josh42666 reacted to squirrl in ssd partitions   
    No, it won't make it faster. It's still the same drive getting written to and from.
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    josh42666 reacted to Paralectic in ssd partitions   
    It doesn't do anything at all, wouldn't recommend it.
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    josh42666 reacted to Missioncode in How fast will the 750 ti be?   
    No. AMD cards are much better at mineing than Green team
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    josh42666 reacted to neision in Is that Normal ?   
    Ahhh I see. I find it weird everyone's cpu temps are over 70. I've used my stock 8350 heatsink on a anthlon x4 for 4 hrs playing bf 4. Highest it has reache was 51 degress from an idle temp of 39
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    josh42666 reacted to andsu in Fx 8350 vs i7 4770k Build   
    Excuse me? A single 1080p monitor. that card will run all games on ultra settings easily
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    josh42666 reacted to WoodenMarker in which geforce is recommended for under 260?   
    The Msi one is quieter. The Gigabyte one cools a bit better and isn't as quiet.
    Both are great coolers and you should just pick the cheaper one or whichever looks better.
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    josh42666 reacted to Ensho in which geforce is recommended for under 260?   
    The Hawk will be able to get to near 770 levels at 1300/7000 which is almost guaranteed with it which is an advantage of it over the regular 760s as long as the psu can deliver stable volts.
    The MSI and Asus one are the quietest, but the difference is the Asus one with that power plate on the back gets really hot, really quick.
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    josh42666 reacted to Amanaman83 in which geforce is recommended for under 260?   
    This would be better  
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    josh42666 reacted to SMURG in So a friend of mine (he is an idiot) just bougth a GTX 480 for 550€.   
    Could be worse, he could have bought a picture of a 480...