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    NewBieDavid reacted to Cereal5 in Which display for an rtx 2070 would you use ?   
    The PG278QR as mentioned above is a newer model and 165Hz. Dunno if you can find one of those. 20 Hz won’t be too noticeable at that high anyways. Also, it only stretches if you select an aspect ratio other than 16:9. For instance, 1280x720 is 16:9. It won’t be stretched but on a 24” monitor it probably looks like crap. But yes, if you so desire you can move down to 1080p. It’ll just be 1080p on a 27” monitor, so it’ll be very low pixels per inch.
    Just for the record, I do think a 2070 on 1080p is a waste. Might as well save some money and. Get a 1070/1070 Ti for €230-300 used at that point.
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    NewBieDavid reacted to caustic101 in Which display for an rtx 2070 would you use ?   
    Gaming z 2070 here ocd.   I have a pg278qr with 165hz on at 1440p
    Play most of my games at ultra, but can tell could use more horsepower.   High  level of detail is fine though
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    NewBieDavid reacted to Fasauceome in Best upgrade for my rig ?   
    if gaming is the primary focus then the ryzen 5 2600 is best for you. it is good at editing and programming as well.
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    NewBieDavid reacted to Slickrr13 in New Headset/Headphone   
    Yea the audio community is a mess sometimes, just take everything you read with a grain of salt unless the poster has a good reputation. Just do research, buy a headphone and run from the audio forum as fast as you can. Lol 
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    NewBieDavid got a reaction from Slickrr13 in New Headset/Headphone   
    Yeah I just kept reading and seeing people saying open back has a better sound stage but I really don't know the reason behind it..
    Thanks for the information tho
  6. Agree
    NewBieDavid got a reaction from Slickrr13 in New Headset/Headphone   
    Thanks for pointing out that review but I gotta say that was harsh as hell
    not to argue you definitely know better than me.
    But yeah these are the first actuall decent headphones I bought and was only able to compare it to my old Razer Kraken headset which is just a bassy mess.
    But after trying the Sennheiser pair I realized I made a mistake with buying
    Like mentioned I don't hate them they are the best sounding headphones I used and definitely looking for an upgrade but only if the upgrade will bring a lot to the table .
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    NewBieDavid got a reaction from Leozyo in New Headset/Headphone   
    I own and would like to recommend the Audio technica M50x but I have recently tried the Senheiser HD 598SR which sounded better due to the open back design.
    not to say I regret buying the M50x .
    I don't know where you live but in germany the sennheiser are at around 110 bucks which is insanely cheap.
    But they are still 170 bucks on amazon USA so meh.
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    NewBieDavid reacted to trevrez in for which people will the Ryzen 2. Gen make sense ?   
    That's not typically how it would work.  First gen won't continue to be produced after a new generation is released.  Why would it?  I imagine the have already moved on and what you see available is just inventory.  
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  11. Informative
    NewBieDavid reacted to genexis_x in Cheap m.2 vs Sata SSD ?   
    MX500 is noticeably faster in heavy loads and random performance. It has better latency too.
  12. Funny
    NewBieDavid got a reaction from Septimus in Cheap m.2 vs Sata SSD ?   
    Yeah I guess i'll either go with the mx300 or be extra flashy and go for the 960 evo if I had the money and I know it's not THAT necessary but still why not (spoiler alert I will most likely not have enough but hey hopes up XD)
  13. Informative
    NewBieDavid reacted to .Ocean in Internet down after reinstalling Windows   
    Windows doesn't have drivers for every single obscure piece of hardware that might be installed. You need to either use the cd that came with your motherboard to install the network drivers (and all the other ones) FOR THAT MB (and then update the using your internet connection of course).

    Or download them on a separate device like a laptop and move them onto a usb so you can install them on your computer.
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    NewBieDavid reacted to dalekphalm in Programming/Video editing for college   
    Personally, if coding is going to be your thing, I would probably invest in a good monitor that can swivel into Portrait position. Our web dev at work uses 2 monitors, both in Portrait.
    Resolution depends on personal preference, and largely, budget.
    Having an ultra wide is nice, but not as good as two separate monitors. So if you can only get (or fit) one monitor, then you could consider an ultra wide one, but I'm not sure how much benefit that would be with coding.
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    NewBieDavid got a reaction from Overlandr in mAtx b350 motherboard recommendation   
    seems like it
    Thanks for showing me da wae (Sorry for bad meming)
    appreciate it
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    NewBieDavid got a reaction from This kid builds pc in FX-6300 overclocking   
    I knew what i was getting into when I bought this PC but I was on a budget so yeah 
    Thanks for the help
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    NewBieDavid reacted to Princess Luna in upgrading an old system for a friend   
    There isn't much we can do about the CPU without going with a new platform though, upgrading here will require quite the spending and can't be made that cheap
    OC the CPU and get a 1050ti, SSD would be cool but not a demand if he doesn't mind the slow loads.
  18. Agree
    NewBieDavid reacted to AvocadosGuac in upgrading an old system for a friend   
    Drops are probably caused by the gpu tbh.
    Overclock the cpu, sell the gpu and get a 1050 and an ssd(or stretch your budget and a 1050ti and a ssd)
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    NewBieDavid reacted to BubblyCharizard in Random PC Lockups   
    amd's PGA pins can take a lot of abuse before breaking...just be careful when removing the cooler, as I've seen many come out of the socket with the retention arm down
  20. Funny
    NewBieDavid reacted to Nena Trinity in Budget Andriod smartphone ?   
    But its made from old Soviet tanks! o3o
  21. Agree
    NewBieDavid got a reaction from TheComputerdude in Budget Andriod smartphone ?   
    this thread was pointless right  ?
    I realized that when I mentioned aesthetics are important
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    NewBieDavid reacted to comicsansms in power supply enough for overclocking   
    I ran an FX6300 and a R9 280 on a 380W PSU, your full of shit that a CX 450 isn't good enough.
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    NewBieDavid reacted to DildorTheDecent in power supply enough for overclocking   
    tru. get triggered.
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    NewBieDavid reacted to demonix00 in HDD scanning/repairing when restarting   
    Try both the Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics tool and Hard Disk Sentinel (it isn't free, but you can install the trial version) as the tests on both should uncover anything and the general data provided by hard disk sentinel should tell you the life expectancy of the drive.
    However, I'm more in the PSU being faulty camp as this "drive scanning and repairing errors" was just a singular occurrence (if that was the only time it has happened) since if it was the hard drive, that message would have been popping up each time it started back up from one of these crashes.
  25. Agree
    NewBieDavid reacted to MrDrWho13 in Can my HDD be causing my pc to crash ?   
    I would save yourself some hassle later on by:
    Making a backup of all important data on your drive (maybe on a cloud storage service or an external HDD) Replacing the HDD with an SSD or an SSD and a HDD if you need extra space. (Trust me, once you switch to an SSD, it's like the future) Replacing the cheap power supply because if it blows, it will probably take the rest of the system with it. If you buy a good one (like 80+ gold), you can keep using it in your future computers for many years.