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    i5 7600k @4.5ghz
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    Msi z270
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    16gb DDR4 3000Mhz
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  1. Found out i can no longer buy single Microsoft access 2016 licenses without grabbing a full pro for $400+ or signing up for O365.
  2. S1Rll Olight flashlight and a Lucid mattress off Amazon
  3. You could try seeing if there is another driver for your printer and swapping them.
  4. Malewarebytes free i use it for manual scan a couple times a week. And then i use Avast free to block web pages with bad popups ect.
  5. Thinkpad T580 or an X1 carbon they have great keyboard and are built to mil specs.
  6. No i didn't have the $300+ for a Dyson so i bought a $200 for $110 after taxes. it was a Shark NV70
  7. I bought a portable car jump starter and a vacuum
  8. https://www.amazon.com/CORSAIR-ST100-RGB-Surround-Headphone/dp/B074ZQJW9R
  9. Nvidia cards will work fine, it will just ignore the freesync.
  10. From a quick search it looks like the CFG73 is newer and they fixed a panel issue that was on the 70 panels, they also changed the stand design so i would probably go for the CFG73. But both would be good edit it also looks like the colors are a bit better on the 73
  11. It is your standard VA panel but i like the colors on it. i usually use the eye protection setting was rough for about a day but i am used to it now. I bought a 32inc curved at 60hz since i mainly play story based games on it i didn't need the refresh rate. C32H711 is the one i bought. i personally think 24in is to small i would get a 27in.
  12. I personally don't like IPS monitor like the Acer because of Backlight bleeds and glow it makes watching any type of dark movie annoying. I bought a Samsung Quantum dot monitor to avoid that problem.
  13. I prefer Office 365 and it is what we recommend for ours clients