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  1. x370 prime mbo 8gb ram was at 2666 but because of this its at 2133 and a 650 what psu from corsair
  2. gtx 1070 that the only thing that impacts performance i suppose
  3. there's a problem with my CPU I have a ryzen 5 1600 and the core frequencies are all over the place anytime I try to load into a game I get a black screen and a crash however if I have tabs up in front of the game while it's playing so that I cant see the game that will give me an extra 30 seconds before it crashes I am noticing that the voltages are changing a lot due to the change in frequency it goes in between 0.8 and 1.3 volts id really appreciate the help I've been at this all day but I've had no luck
  4. do you know any monitoring tools for wattage
  5. a gtx 1070, a ryzen 1600, 8gb of 2666 ram Asus prime x370 mbo
  6. oops my mistake I just looked at the box and its a the cx650m from corsair
  7. would it really just go now like it its been going fine for months if it was a power issue id expect to see problems earlier.
  8. 750 whats more than enough
  9. whenever I start up a benchmark or a game the pc crashes but the power button stays on. it's fine when not on games/benchmarks but I don't think it's a CPU or GPU or monitor problem because I took off all my overclocks on those. so the only thing left is a software error when I go into the event viewer I can see critical error 41 kernel-power the details of the error says that the system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first basically the error was caused by the crash
  10. i just got a new monitor yesterday and i tried going into the bios but it didn't display it. however the bios activated because windows never opened so i was wondering if there is a way to fix this.
  11. so im not really a audiophile but i got 140 dollars to spend on something and im using a pair of earbuds which sound as good as 40 dollar earbuds but not as comfortable and i also got no mic. so im thinking its time for an upgrade. i know to get the best sound quality you've got to make your on headset. but there's a problem i dont know any good headphones or mic's. so if ye have any ideas that would be great. also i was wondering about wireless headphones do you need to install some kind of Bluetooth card in your PC for the wireless functionality.
  12. make sure power supply is turned on and and then remember to press the power button on the case.